Hey again. The cozy new album by La Hell Gang is a very recent addition to Spotify. Genre: stoner rock. Enjoy!

(US version here.)

La Hell Gang

La Hell Gang – Thru Me Again

Hi. The new album by The Raveonettes is a keeper. Genre: noise pop/shoegaze. Enjoy!

(Version for non-Scandinavian listeners here.)

The Raveonettes

The Raveonettes – Pe’ahi

Evening. I just got back. Here is a quick update. I’ll be back tomorrow with more updates. Enjoy PS I Love You!

(Genre: pop/rock.)

(UK version here.)

PS I Love You

PS I Love You – For Those Who Stay

Hey. I’m going on vacation again for one week and this time I won’t be able to blog. Anyhow, here is the catchy new album by Army Navy. Genre: pop/rock. Enjoy!

Army Navy

Army Navy – The Wilderness Inside

Hello. The new album by Reigning Sound is a delight. Genre: rock. Enjoy!

Reigning Sound

Reigning Sound – Shattered

Hi. Hannah Lew (Grass Widow) has formed a new band and their debut album recently arrived to the Spotify library. Enjoy Cold Beat!

(Genre: pop/rock.)

Cold Beat

Cold Beat – Over Me

Hello. Here is the nifty debut album by French Style Furs. Genre: alternative/rock. Enjoy!

French Style Furs

French Style Furs – Is Exotic Bait

OOIOO – Gamel


Evening. Experimental rock anyone? If yes, please check out the wild new album by OOIOO and enjoy!

(Note: My next update will be on Saturday!)


OOIOO – Gamel

Morning. The electrifying new album by White Lung is a recent addition to Spotify. Genre: punk rock. Enjoy!

White Lung

White Lung – Deep Fantasy

Hey. Here’s an album that slipped under my radar a couple of months ago. Genre: folk/rock. Good stuff. Enjoy The Delines!

(US version here.)

The Delines – Colfax

Hi there. Here is the new album by The Antlers. Genre: indie rock. Enjoy!

(US version here.)

The Antlers

The Antlers – Familiars

Hi again. I’m always up for a new album by The Fresh & Onlys. Genre: rock. Read some mixed to positive reviews and enjoy!

(US version here.)

The Fresh & Onlys

The Fresh & Onlys – House of Spirits

Morning. I was supposed to write about this slick new album yesterday, but I always struggle to do so when an album is missing in a few places. Anyhow, now I’m ready to go and the album is too. Genre: rock singer-songwriter. Enjoy Jack White!

(US version here.)

Jack White

Jack White – Lazaretto

Morning. The new album by Stagnant Pools is a very recent addition to Spotify. Genre: shoegaze. Enjoy!

(It should have been added for US listeners today, but that hasn’t happened just yet. Hopefully it will be added later today.)

Stagnant Pools

Stagnant Pools – Geist

Hi. The new album by Parquet Courts arrived earlier this week. Genre: rock/punk-rock. Enjoy!

(US version here.)

Parquet Courts

Parquet Courts – Sunbathing Animal

Hi. I always save some goodies for the weekend. Like the crisp new album by Little Barrie. Genre: rock. Read this review and enjoy!

Little Barrie

Little Barrie – Shadow

Hey again. I really enjoyed the new album by Popstrangers. Genre: pop/rock. Enjoy!

(US version here.)


Popstrangers – Fortuna

Verma – Sunrunner


Hi again. The dynamic new album by Verma is a very, very recent addition to the Spotify libary. Genre: psychedelic rock. Enjoy!


Verma – Sunrunner

Morning. This fine debut album by Haunted Hearts was just added to Spotify. Genre: dream pop/shoegaze. Enjoy!

(Note: At this moment it is not yet available in the US, but it should be added very soon.)

Haunted Hearts

Haunted Hearts – Initiation

Howdy. This new album by Les Big Byrd – added to Spotify a few weeks back – was a very positive surprise for me. Genre: krautrock. Enjoy!

Les Big Byrd

Les Big Byrd – They Worshipped Cats


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