Hello. The debut album by Springtime Carnivore (pop singer-songwriter Greta Morgan) will make you happy. Enjoy!

Springtime Carnivore

Springtime Carnivore – Springtime Carnivore

Hello. From a recent Spotify update comes the new album by Finish metal band Ghost Brigade. Enjoy!

(Version for FI and US here.)

Ghost Brigade

Ghost Brigade – IV: One with the Storm

Hi. Are you into experimental pop with some touches of ambient? If so, please check out the debut album by Megafortress and enjoy!

(One review here.)


Megafortress – Believer

Hey. The new album by Deptford Goth was a quiet delight. Genre: electronic/soul. Enjoy!

(US version here.)

Deptford Goth

Deptford Goth – Songs

Clark – Clark


Morning. The tremendous new album by Clark is a very recent addition to the Spotify library. Genre: electronic. Enjoy!


Clark – Clark

Howdy. The intense, beautiful new album by Wildbirds & Peacedrums is now available all over Europe and in the US. Genre: experimental folk/soul. Enjoy!

(Different version for most users here.)

Wildbirds & Peacedrums

Wildbirds & Peacedrums – Rhythm

Hey. From last week: this new album by DRGN KING. Genre: indie rock. Enjoy!

(US version here.)


DRGN KING – Baltimore Crush

Grouper – Ruins


Hi. Grouper is back with a new album. Genre: experimental ambient/folk. Enjoy!


Grouper – Ruins

Good morning. From a recent Spotify update: the new album by I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness. Genre: pop/rock. Enjoy!

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness

I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness – Dust

Hey. You may remember that I wrote about this guy last year. Now he is back with another beauty, an album that fits the mood of this day perfectly. Genre: ambient/electronic. Enjoy Espectrostatic!


Espectrostatic – Escape from Witchtropolis

Hi again. Here is another sweet debut album. Genre: folk/pop. Enjoy French for Rabbits!

(US version here.)

French for Rabbits

French for Rabbits – Spirits

Goood morning friends. The the debut album by Ultimate Painting turned out to be a very positive surprise for me. Genre: pop/rock. Enjoy!

(Read some reviews here.)

Ultimate Painting

Ultimate Painting – Ultimate Painting

Morning. The strong debut album by Mysteries is a very recent addition to the Spotify library. Genre: electronic/pop. Enjoy!


Mysteries – New Age Music Is Here

Hey. From a very recent Spotify update comes the new album by Medicine. Genre: noise pop/shoegaze. Enjoy!


Medicine – Home Everywhere

Hello there. The first update of the week is the new album by The Twilight Sad. Genre: indie rock. Read this review and enjoy!

(It should, as usual, arrive for US listeners one day later.)

The Twilight Sad

The Twilight Sad – Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave

Morning. Recorded in 2006, but not released until this week, the new album by The Coral is a good one. Genre: folk/rock. Enjoy!

The Coral

The Coral – The Curse of Love

Hello. The new album by pop singer-songwriter Juni Järvi arrived earlier this month. Enjoy!

Juni Järvi

Juni Järvi – Om en vecka, kanske ett år

Evening. The cool new album by Tony Allen was added to Spotify a few days ago. Genre: funk/jazz. Read this review and enjoy!

Tony Allen

Tony Allen – Film of Life

Howdy folks. The sparkling new album by The Budos Band is a recent addition to the Spotify library. Genre: instrumental soul/rock. Enjoy!

(Version for most users here.)

<The Budos Band

The Budos Band – Burnt Offering

Morning. I really liked the new album by rock singer-songwriter Thurston Moore. Enjoy!

Thurston Moore

Thurston Moore – The Best Day


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