Mariachi El Bronx


Hello again. This very special album was added to Spotify ten days ago. So what’s Mariachi El Bronx? Well it’s a mariachi(!) side project of hardcore punk band The Bronx and I think it’s really cool. Thanks to Knut for the find. Enjoy!

(A good review in Swedish here.)

Mariachi El Bronx

Mariachi El Bronx – El Bronx

Jazz x4


Howdy. It’s been way too few jazz posts on Spotinews over the last three months, but here we go again. I’ve picked three albums from 2009 and one from 2001 (two should be fairly new additions, but I’m not sure exactly when they were added to Spotify). Enjoy!

(Note: there is a new section of the blog. Check it out!)

Andy SheppardCyro BaptistaRoberto FonsecaTerence Blanchard

Andy Sheppard – Movements in Colour
Cyro Baptista – Infinito
Roberto Fonseca – Akokan
Terence Blanchard – Let’s Get Lost

The Sweet Serenades


Morning. Interested in some new Swedish power pop? Then I have an album for you. This might be a very, very recent addition to the Spotify library, but I’m not sure. Enjoy!

The Sweet Serenades

The Sweet Serenades – Balcony Cigarettes

Hello. It’s in the middle of the night and I’ve just spent some quality time looking for good music in Spotify. By chance I came across this stellar new album (8.5 of 10 over at Pitchfork earlier this month). Not sure when it was added, but not too long ago I reckon. Enjoy!


YACHT – See Mystery Lights

Hey. Here you have four more newish albums, all picked from the recent monster Spotify update. Enjoy!

(And, yes, as you can see two of the albums below are from the very same label.)

(If you only have time to check out one album, my personal pick would be the psychadelic rock of Vampire Hands.)

Patrick KelleherPatrik TorssonRadical SonsVampire Hands

Patrick Kelleher – You Look Cold
Patrik Torsson – At The Line Of The Border
Radical Sons – Throwing Knives
Vampire Hands – Hannah In The Mansion

Joe Buck, Jr.


Hi there. No, this is not a joke. There actually exists an indie rock band called Joe Buck, Jr. They were first active in the late 90s, when they released their debut album. After disbanding shortly after that, they went away for many years before returning to the scene in 2007 to record a new EP. Both these releases were added to Spotify in the recent monster update. Enjoy!

Used To Be SomebodyWaitin' Around (EP)

Joe Buck, Jr. – Used To Be Somebody
Joe Buck, Jr. – Waitin’ Around (EP)

Hajen Arrives


Howdy folks. Swedish singer-songwriter Hajen (Amanda Bergman) has recently received a lot of praise in Sweden and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I noticed she had been added to Spotify today. Yes, there was a small Spotify update today. This is promising stuff. Enjoy!


Hajen – 5 Songs From Hajen

Hello. You may remember a Daniel Johnston post back in July. Recently, nine more of his albums were added to Spotify. Here are my top three picks from the new bunch. Enjoy!

Hi, How Are You1990Artistic Vice

Daniel Johnston – Hi, How Are You
Daniel Johnston – 1990
Daniel Johnston – Artistic Vice

Howdy. I have a strong feeling this release was added to Spotify yesterday (yes, there was a very small update). It’s the brand new album by Swedish electronic band Little Dragon. Love the retro sound. Enjoy!

(Sadly their excellent first album is not available in the Swedish Spotify at the moment.)

Little Dragon

Little Dragon – Machine Dreams

Good morning. Are you in party mood or just in for some great remixes? Then I have a little something for you. This is a cool collection of 9 diskJokke remixes. Some artists included: Lykke Li (my favourite track), Harrys Gym, Foals and Bloc Party. It was added to Spotify in the recent monster update. Enjoy!


diskJokke – Discolated Remixes 2007-2008