5 Notable Albums From 2009


Howdy folks. Here are five notable albums from different genres. They were all released earlier this year and finally added to Spotify in the recent monster update. Enjoy!

(The Julie Delpy album is a classical soundtrack.)

Federico AubeleJulie DelpyMutemathThe LemonheadsTheresa Andersson

Federico Aubele – Amatoria
Julie Delpy – The Countess
Mutemath – Armistice
The Lemonheads – Varshons
Theresa Andersson – Hummingbird, Go!


2 Responses to “5 Notable Albums From 2009”

  1. PatBrag said

    I’m in France, sorry for my english and I subscripte for Premium. But a lot of records are forbidden – restriction areas. It’s a little irritating to pay 9,99 € and to be not able to listen all the artists.

    • joebuck said

      My updates are based on the Swedish spotify so I can’t know for certain if an album is available or not available in other countries. Sorry about that.

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