Matt Nathanson x3


Hello there. Three albums by American singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson have been added to Spotify recently. Enjoy!

(A good mix here with one regular album, one EP and one live album!)

ErnstWhen Everything Meant Everything (EP)At The Point

Matt Nathanson – Ernst
Matt Nathanson – When Everything Meant Everything (EP)
Matt Nathanson – At The Point


2 Responses to “Matt Nathanson x3”

  1. StudleyUK said

    I second this recommendation 🙂 Matt is an amazing singer-songwriter, and “At The Point” ranks as one of my favourite live albums of all-time. The crowd are a bit screamy at times, but it’s an amazing acoustic performance, and his banter between the songs displays a balance of wit and humility that’s hard to find these days. HIGHLY recommended.

    You’ll also find another studio album on Spotify, “Beneath These Fireworks”, which is pretty darn tootin’. (I think that some regions also have access to his latest album, “Some Mad Hope”, but sadly the UK isn’t one of them.)

    • joebuck said

      Those three releases are all we have here in Sweden for now. Hopefully more will be added. I haven’t really listened that much to him yet, but at times he reminds a bit of Josh Rouse. 🙂

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