Extra! There has just been another Spotify update (40.000 tracks for me in Sweden). This is the new album by The Clientele. Enjoy!

The Clientele

The Clientele – Bonfires on the Heath

Hello. This album by 22-Pistepirkko was gone from Spotify for a long time. However, I’m happy to report that it came back with the latest update. Enjoy!

(This is a very good album.)


22-Pistepirkko – Rumble City Lala Land

Morning. This post is for my Scandinavian readers, since both these albums are in Swedish only. Naturally, they were also added in the latest Spotify update. Enjoy!

Bröderna LindgrenStefan Sundström

Bröderna Lindgren – Presenterar Meningen Med Livet
Stefan Sundström – Ingenting Har Hänt

Pedro the Lion x2


Howdy. Plenty of releases by American indie rock band Pedro the Lion have been added to Spotify. Here are my two top picks. Enjoy!

(Thanks to a reader for helping me with this one!)

It's Hard To Find A FriendAchilles Heel

Pedro the Lion – It’s Hard To Find A Friend
Pedro the Lion – Achilles Heel

Morning. From yesterdays monster Spotify update comes a very good new album by Swedish singer-songwriter Andi Almqvist. Give this album a try. You won’t be disappointed. Oh, and enjoy!

(More finds to come later today.)

Andi Almqvist

Andi Almqvist – Glimmer

Hello again. From todays monster Spotify update: the new Tom Waits live album. Enjoy!

Tom Waits

Tom Waits – Glitter And Doom Live

The Knife arrives


Extra! Extra! There has been a monster Spotify update (215k tracks for me in Sweden). I’m very happy to report that The Knife is now available in Sweden and probably some other places too. Much more to come. Stay tuned and enjoy!

The KnifeHannah Med H SoundtrackDeep CutsSilent Shout

The Knife – The Knife
The Knife – Hannah Med H Soundtrack
The Knife – Deep Cuts
The Knife – Silent Shout

Good evening. This fine Jorma Kaukonen album from 1985 was added to Spotify in the latest update. Enjoy!

Jorma Kaukonen

Jorma Kaukonen – Too Hot To Handle

Good morning. Two soundtracks by Philip Glass were included in the latest Spotify update. Enjoy!

Cassandra's DreamThe Fog of War

Philip Glass – Cassandra’s Dream
Philip Glass – The Fog of War

Good morning. It’s time for a change of mood with Begushkin. This dark and beautiful folk album was part of the latest Spotify update. Give it a try and enjoy!


Begushkin – King’s Curse