Spring Cleaning: part 1


Hello again. It’s time for a new mini project. A couple of days ago I began tidying up among my Spotify playlists and in the process I found plenty of albums from 2009 that I had either ignored or forgot about. After some intense listening I narrowed it down to 20 releases.

Many of these albums have probably been mentioned before over at On The Spot or at some other sites, but I still think it’s great to give them another spot in the sun. This is part one of five. Recommended listening for sure. Enjoy!

(Genres: Anni B Sweet is folk/singer-songwriter, Blame Sally is folk, Boat Beam is folk-pop and Buika is jazz/world.)

Anni B SweetBlame SallyBoat BeamBuika

Anni B Sweet – Start Restart Undo
Blame Sally – Night Of 1000 Stars
Boat Beam – Puzzle Shapes
Buika – El Último Trago


3 Responses to “Spring Cleaning: part 1”

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