Hi there. The new Gemma Ray album was added to Spotify earlier this week. Good stuff. Read this review and enjoy!

Gemma Ray

Gemma Ray – It’s A Shame About Gemma Ray

Hi. This beautiful new album was added to Spotify some week ago, but it wasn’t until this week that I got around to checking it out. As you may have guessed I really, really like it. Toni Holgersson sings in Swedish but the album should still be available for all Spotify regions. Enjoy!

(Note: There is also a new playlist, Spotinews 048, with samples starting from today. I’ve also made all earlier Spotinews playlists available in my Spotify profile.)

Toni Holgersson

Toni Holgersson – Ibland kallar jag det kärlek

Hey. From yesterdays Spotify update comes this new single by experimental psych-folk artist Forest Swords. Hopefully the album released earlier this year will be added soon as well. This is good stuff. Enjoy!

Forest Swords

Forest Swords – Rattling Cage

Volbeat x2


Howdy. Here’s some good news for all metal fans. Two previously missing Volbeat albums have now been added to Spotify. Thanks to Henrik for the reminder. Enjoy!

Rock the Rebel / Metal the DevilGuitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood

Volbeat – Rock the Rebel / Metal the Devil
Volbeat – Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood

Good morning. The latest album by English rock singer-songwriter Graham Parker was released back in March and finally added to Spotify yesterday. Enjoy!

Graham Parker

Graham Parker – Imaginary Television

Hello. I’m tired today so I decided to go with a quick find from the Spotify update 45 minutes ago. Here is the new album by the The Magic Numbers. Enjoy!

The Magic Numbers

The Magic Numbers – The Runaway

Good evening. The new album by composer Max Richter was added to Spotify earlier this week. A couple of my readers have recommended it to me, so here it goes. Enjoy!

(Genre: ambient/neoclassical)

Max Richter

Max Richter – Infra

Howdy. The tasty new album by Bathcrones was added to Spotify earlier this week. The genre is chillwave/electronic and it’s another release you just have to check out. Thanks to Esa for the find. Enjoy!


Bathcrones – Psychorama

Lower Dens


Evening. The excellent new album by Lower Dens was very recently added to the Spotify library. And this is yet another listening recommendation. Enjoy!

(Read one review here and another one here in order to get an idea of what to expect.)

Lower Dens

Lower Dens – Twin-Hand Movement

Hello. Vandaveer is a folk duo led by the highly talented Mark Charles Heidinger. This, their second album, was first released in France in early 2009, then in the US in August and now it is finally getting a wider European release. And what an album this is! Divide & Conquer is surely one of my top five albums of the year so far. Give it a listen and enjoy!

(This album was added to Spotify last week and is not available in France for now – most likely because it was released on a different label there.)


Vandaveer – Divide & Conquer

Howdy folks. The splendid debut album by New Zealand neo-soul group Electric Wire Hustle was added to Spotify today (for me I should add). Recommended listening for sure. Enjoy!

Electric Wire Hustle

Electric Wire Hustle – Electric Wire Hustle

Hi there. The soundtrack to the new Christopher Nolan movie Inception was very recently added to Spotify. The score is both beautiful and energetic. Composer Hans Zimmer does it again. Recommended listening. Enjoy!

Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer – Inception

Hey. From todays Spotify update: the new album by Canadian indie rock band Tokyo Police Club. Read some reviews and enjoy!

Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club – Champ

Hello. The debut album by singer-songwriter Maple Bee was added to Spotify earlier this week. Enjoy!

(Note: this is a reissue of sorts. The first disc is the original album, first released in 2004, and the second one has a bunch of more songs.)

(And once again I found a release when searching for the new album by the same artist.)

Maple Bee

Maple Bee – Chasing Eva

Howdy. From a very recent Spotify update comes the new EP by El Guincho. Found out about this release via Pitchfork. Enjoy!

El Guincho

El Guincho – Piratas De Sudamérica, Vol 1

Good evening. It’s yet another hot day in Sweden and I will soon go out for an evening walk. But before I leave, here is the brand new album by The Innocence Mission. It was added in todays micro Spotify update. Enjoy!

(Genre: folk).

(Note: I’m too lazy to check the regions for this one. Let’s just hope it’s available for all users!)

The Innocence Mission

The Innocence Mission – My Room In The Trees

Hi. When searching for the 2010 album by Tanto Project I found this single from 2007/2008 (which also means it’s a very recent addition to Spotify). There is a lot of summer feeling in this one. Enjoy!

(The album name is “Perfect Colors” so you can perhaps understand my initial confusion.)

Tanto Project

Tanto Project – Perfect Color (Single)

Evening. From todays Spotify update: the new album by alt-country/bluegrass band Chatham County Line. Read this review and enjoy!

Chatham County Line

Chatham County Line – Wildwood

Hello. Three R.E.M. reissues were very recently added to the Spotify library. My pick of the three is Murmur, the outstanding debut album released back in 1983. It still stands out today. Recommended listening. Enjoy!


R.E.M. – Murmur (Deluxe Edition)

Hi there. There has just been a Spotify update and here is the new album by The Coral. Enjoy!

(More finds to come later this week!)

The Coral

The Coral – Butterfly House


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