Howdy folks. The new album by British singer-songwriter Thea Gilmore was added to Spotify yesterday. Enjoy!

(Note: there is another version of this album available in Spotify, but it has some tracks wrong.)

Thea Gilmore

Thea Gilmore – Murphy’s Heart

Morning. The latest album by Candian indie rock band Magneta Lane was recently added to Spotify. Read this review and enjoy!

Magneta Lane

Magneta Lane – Gambling With God

Hey. From todays Spotify update comes the new album by alt-country band The Piney Gir Country Roadshow. Enjoy!

The Piney Gir Country Roadshow

The Piney Gir Country Roadshow – Jesus Wept

Olan Mill – Pine


Howdy. Here you have another album in the ambient/contemporary classical genre. Thanks to a reader for the excellent find. Enjoy Olan Mill!

(I’m not sure when Pine was added to Spotify. Original release date was in May.)

Olan Mill

Olan Mill – Pine

New Swedish Pop x3


Good evening. It’s time for a late night post at the Spotinews blog. Here are three recent additions to the Spotify library and all three happen to be Swedish pop releases. Check them out and enjoy!

(Note: The Peter Morén album was released back in March, but added in the latest Spotify update.)

Katie goes to TokyoLudwig BellPeter Morén

Katie goes to Tokyo – Little Sister (single)
Ludwig Bell – Jag har försökt förklara
Peter Morén – I spåren av tåren

Hey. Black City is probably the album that most people have recommended to me ever. So when I finally gave it a spin a couple of days ago I had very high expectations. And I’m happy to report that all of you were correct. This is a brilliant one and it will most likely be on my top10 list in December. Recommended listening. Read some reviews and enjoy Matthew Dear!

(It was naturally added to Spotify not that long ago.)

Matthew Dear

Good morning friends. As many of you know already, I keep a list of artists with albums out in 2010. Every time I find out about a new release I write the name down (but I typically avoid releases more than two weeks into the future). Accordingly, every time there has been a library update I search for the names in Spotify. This procedure makes it possible to quickly find releases added weeks or even months too late…

A recent addition to my secret list, which currently features 99 artists, was guitarist James Blackshaw and three days ago his latest album was added. The genre here is a mix of folk and contemporary classical and the album is quite good. Enjoy!

James Blackshaw

Hello again. From this weeks first Spotify update: the new album by Jamaica (formerly Poney Poney). Genre: electronic/pop/rock. Enjoy!


Jamaica – No Problem

Grass Widow


Morning. No, their new album has not been added, but while waiting for that release why not give their self-titled debut a try? Intense stuff. Enjoy Grass Widow!

(Damn. The new album is actually available – in the UK. Interesting year of release though.)

(Genre: post-punk/surf rock.)

Grass Widow

Grass Widow – Grass Widow

Arandel – In D


Howdy. One of the best electronic albums of the year so far was added to Spotify in yesterdays update. Essential listening. Enjoy Arandel!

(Read one review here and another one in Swedish here.)

(Not available in France. Sorry.)


Arandel – In D