2010 Mega Project: Introduction


Good evening. It’s time for the biggest project ever on the Spotinews blog. The 2010 Mega Project will bring you 100 releases from 2010 divided into 20 posts. Each post will have a theme and a unique title. Furthermore, I will try to write a little something about each album, sometimes a detailed genre description, other times more than that.

So what’s this project really all about? Well, this is an opportunity for me to present the releases that I forgot to write about earlier this year. The releases that were lost in the hidden depths of an old playlist, the ones I didn’t like at first listen but enjoy now, the albums I thought I didn’t like and never listened to, the releases that some other Spotify blogs wrote about and last but not least all the ones I had no idea existed before November of 2010.

A lot of these releases will already be known to many of you, but hopefully some will be new as well. All 100 releases are, in my humble opinion, good enough to deserve a post of their own and many could easily have been recommendations. Amazingly a couple of the selected albums will also make it into my Top 50 albums of the Year (to be presented later in December).

I spent many weeks searching the web for releases from 2010 and listening to insane amounts of music in order to find the 100 albums for my project. Since 2010 has been such a great music year, it’s both scary and exciting to know that despite all my finds there will always be tons of new releases left to be discovered. And Spotify is possibly the best source in the world if you want to get a quick taste of a new album.

Finally I’d like to thank all my readers and particularly the generous people helping me out with finding new music. This project is dedicated to you and I hope you will enjoy it.

2010 Mega Project Playlist (I will add one song from each release that I write about.)
01. The Voices


9 Responses to “2010 Mega Project: Introduction”

  1. Jer said

    Great idea Joe, looking forward to reading the posts and listening to your picks. All I ask is at least ONE synthpop album in there – there are over 20 good ones to choose from! :p

    • joebuck said

      Thanks Jer! I’m not quite sure if there are any synthpop albums included. Actually, most of the ones I’ve really liked this year have already been featured on the blog. Maybe I should have mentioned how hard it was to leave some albums out of the 100. 😉

  2. Bourgault said

    Merci beaucoup pour toutes ces dĂ©couvertes, ces petites pĂ©pites musicales distribuĂ©es tout au long de l’annĂ©e 2010. ( My English is awful…sorry )

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