12. Write Another Song For Me


Hello again. It’s day 12 of the 2010 Mega Project and four more singer-songwriters are ready for your attention. Once again each presentation will be a quote from a review. Enjoy!

Pieta Brown. “This is music with a sense of place more than an urge of destination. We could go somewhere but let’s sit on the porch enjoying the breeze blowing through the screen door.” (review)

Pieta Brown

Pieta Brown – One And All

Samantha Crain. “Like a prairie-bred, meat-and-potatoes Joanna Newsom, Crain’s vocals are quivering, emotive and visceral.” (review)

Samantha Crain

Samantha Crain – You (Understood)

Sebastian Blanck. “Co-produced with Jorge Elbrecht of Violens, the album has a warm, wide-open atmosphere reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel and, with the help of the female vocalists, the Mamas & the Papas (adding to the effect, Blanck often doubles his own vocal track).” (review)

Sebastian Blanck

Sebastian Blanck – Alibi Coast

The Bear That Wasn’t. “Give him a listen, and I think you’ll end up with a smile on your face. Or a tear in your eye. Either way, you’ll be moved.” (review)

The Bear That Wasn't

The Bear That Wasn’t – And So It Is Morning Dew


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