Hey. Here is another groovy release from the latest Spotify update. Thanks to a reader for the find. Genre: chillwave. Enjoy Com Truise!

(Since the regular EP was first released in 2010 I will use that date.)

(Note: I’m going away for five days. There is a small chance that I will be able to update the blog, but don’t count on it. Otherwise, see you all Friday night.)

Com Truise

Com Truise – Cyanide Sisters EP (reissue)

65daysofstatic x3


Howdy folks. Three nice older albums by 65daysofstatic were added to Spotify earlier this week. Genre: electronic/rock. Enjoy!

The Fall of MathOne Time For All TimeThe Destruction Of Small Ideas

65daysofstatic – The Fall of Math
65daysofstatic – One Time For All Time
65daysofstatic – The Destruction Of Small Ideas

Hi. It’s time for a rare late night post at the Spotinews blog. From yesterdays Spotify update comes the sweet new album by Papercranes (led by Rain Phoenix – and before you ask, yes Joaquin is her younger brother). Genre: folk/rock. Enjoy!

(One review here.)


Papercranes – Let’s Make Babies in the Woods

Hey. This collection of rarities was recently added to Spotify. Read more about the album here and enjoy Woodpigeon!


Woodpigeon – Fra Le Nuvole

Hello. Are you ready for some slow, gorgeous new psychedelic folk? If yes, please check out the debut album by Metal Mountains (Helen Rush, Pat Gubler, and Samara Lubelski). Recommended listening for fans of the genre. Enjoy!

Metal Mountains

Metal Mountains – Golden Trees

Hi there. This new album by Heidi Spencer and the Rare Birds looks to be a recent addition to the Spotify library. I like it quite a bit. Genre: folk. Enjoy!

Heidi Spencer and the Rare Birds

Heidi Spencer and the Rare Birds – Under Streetlight Glow

Howdy. Here are four new releases, all recently added to the Spotify library. Enjoy!

(Genres: Cloud Nothings = pop/rock, John Vanderslice = singer-songwriter, Sirenia = gothic metal, White Fence = garage pop/rock)

(A question. I have a couple of very good new releases that I haven’t written about yet. The reason is that they are not available in one of the seven Spotify regions (the UK). Do you want me to write about those releases or should I wait until they are available everywhere?)

Cloud NothingsJohn VandersliceSireniaWhite Fence

Cloud Nothings – Cloud Nothings
John Vanderslice – White Wilderness
Sirenia – The Enigma of Life
White Fence – Is Growing Faith

Howdy folks. From todays Spotify update comes this special album from Julian Lynch. It was first released on cassette in 2009, then got a digital release in 2010. Genre: experimental psychedelic lo-fi folk-pop. Enjoy!

Julian Lynch

Julian Lynch – Born2Run

Hi again. Today I gave the new Joan As Police Woman album a spin and I liked it. Enjoy!

“But as a whole, The Deep Field nails it. True, the songs are long, it is almost ceaselessly rich, and you’re going to want to skip its first 30 seconds every time. Yet there is something fantastically indulgent and heartening going on here: the sense that Wasser is embracing her peculiarities and making giddy, ebullient light of them. Long may she continue to do so.” BBC review.

Joan As Police Woman

Joan As Police Woman – The Deep Field

Hello. This solid album by American indie rock band Colour Revolt was released in August of 2010. As of yesterday it is also available for all Spotify listeners. Read this review and enjoy!

Colour Revolt

Colour Revolt – The Cradle