Hello. From a fairly recent Spotify update comes this experimental album by Kösmonaut. Genre: ambient/electronic. Enjoy!


Kösmonaut – Voyage of Time

Hey. The latest album by Spanish Prisoners was released last month and added to Spotify not that long ago. Genre: pop/rock. Enjoy!

Spanish Prisoners

Spanish Prisoners – Gold Fools

Howdy. The fine debut album by Sepalcure was added to Spotify yesterday. Genre: electronic. Enjoy!

(One review here.)


Sepalcure – Sepalcure

Hello. From a fairly recent Spotify update comes a recent compilation by Australian garage rock band Eddy Current Suppression Ring. Enjoy!

Eddy Current Suppression Ring

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – So Many Things

Good evening. The self-titled debut album by Middle Brother was added to Spotify earlier this year. Genre: alt-country. Read some reviews and enjoy!

(US version here.)

Middle Brother

Middle Brother – Middle Brother

Hi again. This new album by singer-songwriter A.A. Bondy was also added to Spotify today. Enjoy!

(US version is already available here.)

A.A. Bondy

A.A. Bondy – Believers

Morning. The new album by singer-songwriter Katie Herzig was just added to Spotify. Enjoy!

(US version already added here.)

Katie Herzig

Katie Herzig – The Waking Sleep

Hey. From a very recent Spotify updace comes this new double EP by Flare Acoustic Arts League. Genre: pop. Enjoy!

Flare Acoustic Arts Leauge

Flare Acoustic Arts League – Big Top/Encore

Keren Ann – 101


Hello. It’s time for another album that I forgot about earlier this year. Enjoy the fine singer-songwriter Keren Ann!

(UK version here.)

Keren Ann

Keren Ann – 101

Hi. This album by Memphis was released and added to Spotify earlier this year. Genre: indie pop. Enjoy!


Memphis – Here Comes A City

Good evening. The latest album by singer-songwriter TW Walsh was added to Spotify last month. Read this review and enjoy!

TW Walsh

TW Walsh – Songs of Pain and Leisure

Howdy. The sweet new album (or mini-album) by The Culture In Memoriam was very recently added to Spotify. Genre: pop. Enjoy!

(Thanks to a reader for the reminder!)

The Culture In Memoriam

The Culture In Memoriam – Rest In Pieces

Xhin – Sword


Good evening friends. From a fairly recent Spotify update comes the latest album by Xhin. Genre: experimental electronic. Enjoy!

(One review here.)


Xhin – Sword

Hello there. It’s time for some jazz. The fine new album by The Splendor was just added to Spotify. Enjoy!

The Splendor

The Splendor – Delphian Palace

Good evening. The charming debut album by singer-songwriter Dillon (real name: Dominique Dillon de Byington) is a recent addition to Spotify. Enjoy!


Dillon – This Silence Kills

Hi. The epic new album by singer-songwriter Kate Bush is now available in all Spotify countries. Read some rave reviews and enjoy!

(US version here.)

(And don’t forget the new playlist, Spotinews 060.)

Kate Bush

Kate Bush – 50 Words for Snow

Evening. This new album by Mint Julep was added to Spotify earlier today. Genre: dream pop/shoegaze. Enjoy!

Mint Julep

Mint Julep – Save Your Season

Hey. Since 1998 Calexico have released eight “tour only” releases for the fans. Here is a new compilation with their favourite songs from those albums. Genre: folk-rock. Enjoy!

(Version for France here and for Austria/Switzerland here.

(Note: there is also a new playlist, Spotinews 060, where I will add samples from this and future blog posts. Check it out.)


Calexico – Selections From Road Atlas 1998 – 2011

Good evening friends. Most critics have not enjoyed this one and it’s by no means an easy listen. However, I like it quite a bit. From a recent Spotify update: the new album by Pterodactyl. Enjoy!

(Genre: experimental/noise rock)


Pterodactyl – Spills Out

Hi there. The latest album by Blackout Beach, the Carey Mercer solo project, was added to Spotify earlier this week. Good stuff. Read this review and enjoy!

(Genre: I put this down as “experimental singer-songwriter”, but others may have a different opinion!)

Blackout Beach

Blackout Beach – Fuck Death


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