Howdy folks. From a very recent Spotify update comes the sweet debut album by Finnish band Lau Nau. Genre: experimental folk. Enjoy!

(Edit: Sorry about the wrong band name – I wrote Lau Lau. Was in a hurry earlier today!)

Lau Nau

Lau Nau – Valohiukkanen

Hey. Are you in the mood for some progressive rock? If yes, please check out the new album by Antimatter. It was added to Spotify late last week. Enjoy!


Antimatter – Fear Of A Unique Identity

Hi there. The latest album by French electronic duo Zombie Zombie was added to Spotify some weeks back. Enjoy!

(Version for French listeners here.)

Zombie Zombie

Zombie Zombie – Rituels d’un Nouveau Monde

Howdy. Here is a goodie for all indie pop fans out there. The debut album by Swedish band The Garlands was just added to Spotify. Enjoy!

(One review here and another one here.)

The Garlands

The Garlands – The Garlands

Hey. Sometimes a live album can be a nice change. From a recent Spotify update comes this new release by folk singer-songwriter Shelby Lynne. Enjoy!

(Already added last month: US version here. And there is also a version for AU and NZ here.)

(Note: I decided to use the album cover from the US version.)

Shelby Lynne

Shelby Lynne – Live At McCabe’s

Hey. Anyone up for some experimental pop? If so, please check out the new album by Las Amigas de Nadie and enjoy!

Las Amigas de Nadie

Las Amigas de Nadie – Sincronía

Hello friends. It’s a dark and rainy day. The new Gospel Claws album, added to Spotify earlier this week, has been my light today*. Genre: pop. Enjoy!

(*No matter what the album title says…)

Gospel Claws

Gospel Claws – Put Your Sunshine Away

Hi. Now this was a pleasant surprise. From a recent Spotify update comes the new album by Goldenboy. Genre: indie pop. Enjoy!


Goldenboy – The New Familiar

Hello. Let’s continue with the singer-songwriter theme for one more day. It looks like the latest album by Samara Lubelski, released back in July, has recently been added to the Spotify library. Good stuff. Enjoy!

Samara Lubelski

Samara Lubelski – Wavelength

Hey there. The cool new album by Swedish singer-songwriter Amanda Jenssen was recently added for all European Spotify listeners*. Enjoy!

(*Note: Last time I checked it was missing in many countries and then I forgot to check for some days. However, it’s missing for sure in the US.)

Amanda Jenssen

Amanda Jenssen – Hymns For The Haunted