Titán – Dama


Hey. Just one update today, but it’s a keeper. We travel to Mexico for some marvelous electronic tracks with a retro touch. Enjoy Titán!


Titán – Dama

Hello. The new album by Marching Church was added to Spotify two days ago. Genre: alternative/experimental rock. Enjoy!

Marching Church

Marching Church – Telling It Like It Is

Toy – Clear Shot


Hello friends. It’s time for a rare late night blog post at the Spotinews blog. Here is the excellent new album by Toy. Genre: rock (indie/psych/shoegaze). Enjoy!

(US version here)

(Recommended listening!)


Toy – Clear Shot

Morning. I found the intensity of the new Girl Tears album very compelling. Genre: punk. Enjoy!

Girl Tears

Girl Tears – Woke Against the Tide

Rafter – XYZ


Hi there. We start off the release week with the latest effort by experimental pop artist Rafter. Enjoy!


Rafter – XYZ

Good evening. The final update of the week is the groovy new album by The Pretty Reckless. Genre: rock. Enjoy!

(US version here)

The Pretty Reckless

The Pretty Reckless – Who You Selling For

Hey again. This is the debut EP by electronic producer Kelly Lee Owens. Enjoy!

(One more update coming tonight.)

(Slightly different US version – one track less – here)

Kelly Lee Owens

Kelly Lee Owens – Oleic

Hi. it’s been a while since my last metal update, but here we go again. Enjoy Anciients!

(Genre: progressive metal)

(US version here)


Anciients – Voice of the Void

Hello. In a week with many singer-songwriters I almost forgot to write about the new John K. Samson album. Enjoy!

John K. Samson

John K. Samson – Winter Wheat

Hi. Just one update today: enjoy the catchy new album by Hooton Tennis Club!

(Genre: indie pop/rock)

(US version here)

Hooton Tennis Club

Hooton Tennis Club – Big Box of Chocolates