The End of the Road


Hello friends. After over 8 years of blogging about new Spotify releases, I have now reached that point where it is time to stop and say goodbye. The fact that I as of today can no longer look up new releases is one part of why I have made this decision. But most of all it’s been something that’s been growing inside of me over the last few years. While I’m still being passionate about music, Spotify and new releases, my passion is not as strong as it once was. I no longer spend as much time listening and, to be honest, just getting out a daily update has been a challenge lately. So, this is the end of the road. It’s been a pleasure to share the music I like with you. Thank you for all these years.


17 Responses to “The End of the Road”

  1. Antoine said

    Thank you so much for your reviews, it has been a pleasure 🙂 good luck and take care



  2. Petteri said

    Thanks for all the updates over the years. My yearly musical highlight was always those end of year best of lists 🙂


    Thank for all your hard work Joe

  4. magnus Eriksson said

    Tack för dessa år, du kommer bli saknad!!!


  5. What a shame – I love reading your site, and read almost every day to find something new.

    Do you need someone to pick up the reins or help out?

  6. Valérie said

    I discovered so many great albums on your blog.
    Thank you and take care

  7. Claessens said

    thank you very much

  8. Ian Redfearn said

    I’ve discovered so much great music I would never normally try because of this blog. Many thanks.

  9. Martin Stenholm said

    Thanks for all your reviews over the years!! I have been visiting your blog close to daily and I have discovered so many albums through this site. You will be missed!

  10. Oh man, this is a big loss. Sorry to hear this, but I understand the amount of work put into this. Thank you so much for all the hard work, this has been my go-to place for good new quality stuff!! ❤

  11. hwileniu said

    Thanks for writing this blog! I found out a lot of new nice music thanks to you! All the best.

  12. I have, too, discovered a lot not of new artists and albums, some of which I still listen to regularly. Your minimalistic style and good taste has been much appreciated for many years.

    Thanks for all your hard work Joe!

  13. Mauricio A. said

    That’s so sad. I just started following you. Thanks for the reviews.

  14. Anna said

    Tack för allt! Denna bloggen kommer jag sakna!

  15. Tony Garrood said

    Thanks for the blog and the playlists. Your hard work much appreciated by me. Tony Garrood

  16. Pedro said

    Thanks so much for your effort!!

  17. You’re a legend Joe, what a magnificent run!

    Never say never: just adapt to weekly/monthly ad-hoc to suit… 😉

    But either way, enjoy your next adventure mate: we were there at the start of all this ya know, we saw this musical future and in a tiny little way we helped make it happen 🙂

    Jer aka Afront aka Pansentient League

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