Hello. It’s time for part three in my new project. Read post one for more details about it all. Enjoy!

(Genres here: Mokira is ambient/electronic, Orenda Fink is a singer-songwriter, PATS is indie pop and Piney Gir is folk/pop.)

MokiraOrenda FinkPATSPiney Gir

Mokira – Persona
Orenda Fink – Ask the Night
PATS – Nevadaflickan
Piney Gir – The Yearling

Hey. This is part two of my new little project. Read more about it all in post one and enjoy!

(Genres: Firekites is folk/pop, Hanna Hirsch is punk, Lord Cut-Glass is a singer-songwriter and Obits is rock.)

FirekitesHanna HirschLord Cut-GlassObits

Firekites – The Bowery
Hanna Hirsch – Tala svart
Lord Cut-Glass – Lord Cut-Glass
Obits – I Blame You

Hello again. It’s time for a new mini project. A couple of days ago I began tidying up among my Spotify playlists and in the process I found plenty of albums from 2009 that I had either ignored or forgot about. After some intense listening I narrowed it down to 20 releases.

Many of these albums have probably been mentioned before over at On The Spot or at some other sites, but I still think it’s great to give them another spot in the sun. This is part one of five. Recommended listening for sure. Enjoy!

(Genres: Anni B Sweet is folk/singer-songwriter, Blame Sally is folk, Boat Beam is folk-pop and Buika is jazz/world.)

Anni B SweetBlame SallyBoat BeamBuika

Anni B Sweet – Start Restart Undo
Blame Sally – Night Of 1000 Stars
Boat Beam – Puzzle Shapes
Buika – El Último Trago



Hey there. I just stumbled across this hardcore album by AC4. It was released last year, but it looks like it may have been added to Spotify quite recently. 15 tracks, 21 minutes – I’m sure you understand. Enjoy!


AC4 – AC4

Hi there. Let’s stay in the folk genre, but move over to Latin America. This relaxing album is another hidden gem from 2009. It was most likely added to Spotify within the last three or four months. Enjoy!

Marta Topferova

Marta Topferova – Trova

Hi. This (mostly) live album by blues rock band Arc Angels was added to Spotify not too long ago. Thanks to Andyberger for the tip. Enjoy!

Arc Angels

Arc Angels – Living in a Dream

Howdy. I discovered Pearl and the Beard earlier this week and it didn’t take long before I was in love. Their amazing debut album was released in July of 2009 and added to Spotify four months later. Enjoy!

Pearl and the Beard

Pearl and the Beard – God Bless Your Weary Soul, Amanda Richardson

Good evening. This EP by Animal Collective was added to Spotify in yesterdays update. It’s another late arrival, but I guess we should be happy anyway. So, enjoy!

Animal Collective

Animal Collective – Fall Be Kind (EP)

Ash Koley x3


Hey again. It’s no secret that I love to discover new talent in Spotify. This Canadian duo is, in my humble opinion, a very good find. Their quirky pop has plenty of potential. Try it out and enjoy!

(Blue and White were released in 2009, Red in 2010.)

(I would recommend you to start with The White EP.)

(Edit: Added to Recommendations.)

The Blue EPThe Red EPThe White EP

Ash Koley – The Blue EP
Ash Koley – The Red EP
Ash Koley – The White EP

Howdy. Are you in the mood for some French-American pop electronica? Well, then this EP with Panda Transport is a must. Thanks to Olof for the find. Enjoy!

Panda Transport

Panda Transport – Monorail

Hey there. If you like Animal Collective, this sparkling album will be a very pleasant surprise. It was released in August last year and now it has finally been added to Spotify. Enjoy Blind Man’s Colour!

Blind Man's Colour

Blind Man’s Colour – Season Dreaming



Howdy people. Are you in the mood for some modern krautrock? If so, here is an interesting new album that was added to Spotify two months ago. Enjoy!


Beak> – Beak>



Hello. This excellent debut album by Belgian band Isbells is another hidden gem from 2009. It was recently added to the Spotify library. Recommended listening. Enjoy!


Isbells – Isbells

Band Ane


Hello. From a Spotify update not too long ago: this “best of” release from Danish electronic artist Band Ane consists of her debut album (disc 1) and two later EPs merged into disc 2. Great stuff. Enjoy!

(I also want to say that XL Recordings can go to hell for not delivering the new Vampire Weekend album on time to Spotify. This shows that the failure to understand streaming goes way beyond the big labels. Luckily there are illegal sites where you can get it instead. Great thinking XL! And no I won’t write about the album when it eventually gets added to Spotify.)

Band Ane

Band Ane – Anish Music Too & Free

Howdy. This fine psychadelic folk album was added to Spotify four months ago. Enjoy Imaad Wasif!

Imaad Wasif

Hello. It’s time for some happy retro pop with Lawrence Arabia. Thanks to Øyvind for this nice Spotify find. Enjoy!

Lawrence Arabia

Lawrence Arabia – Chant Darling

Hi there. From my “Spotify reserve list” I pick this stellar alt-country album by singer-songwriter Grant-Lee Phillips. A forgotten gem from last year. Enjoy!

Grant-Lee Phillips

Grant-Lee Phillips – Little Moon

Good afternoon. I couldn’t find this EP in Spotify when it was released last month. However, when I searched for it yesterday it was there. Check it out and enjoy!

We & Lisa

We & Lisa – Winter EP

Hello. The first post of 2010 is about a soundtrack. The Road opens in Sweden in three weeks, but the score is already available for listen in Spotify. Enjoy!

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – The Road (Original Film Score)

Howdy folks. So these are my choices for the Top 20 Tracks of the Year. The songs are sorted by track length since I found it too difficult to rank them… A couple of the artists that just missed out on the album top 30 are featured here (Fever Ray, Joker’s Daughter, Wye Oak etc). Enjoy!

La Roux – Quicksand
Little Boots – Mathematics
The Mummers – March of the Dawn
Lily Allen – Fuck You
Joker’s Daughter – Lucid
Morrissey – Mama Lay Softly on the Riverbed
Jamie T – Planning Spontaneity
Polly Scattergood – Unforgiving Arms
The Dead Weather – New Pony
Camera Obscura – Swans
Bat For Lashes – Daniel
Eels – That Look You Give That Guy
Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes
Bon Iver – Blood Bank
Empire of the Sun – Country
Fever Ray – Seven
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Runaway
Wye Oak – Take It In
Sonjagon – Monsters
Mount Eerie – Through The Trees

Listen to all tracks in this playlist.


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