Hey again. This fine album was released in 2010 and finally added to Spotify earlier this year. Enjoy LoneLady!

(This is part four of the 2011 Mega Project.)


LoneLady – Nerve Up


Hello. I’ve been having some mayor issues with wordpress today (including displaying other wordpress blogs), but now it seems to be working ok again. Anyway, here is a fine album by singer-songwriter Doug Burr. It was released in April of 2010 and finally added to Spotify yesterday. Enjoy!

(A lovely album cover as well!)

Doug Burr

Doug Burr – O Ye Devastator

Hey. With three months left of the year it’s time to get the 2011 Mega Project going. Just like last year this will be my opportunity to write about all those albums that either slipped under my radar or was lost in some old playlist. Last year it was a very bombastic effort with albums grouped based on different themes. This year, on the contrary, it will be a very quiet affair. A blog post belonging to the project will just be added to the “2011 Mega Project” category and that’s it.

First up is a beautiful album from 2010 by Russian ambient/electronica trio 2muchachos. This is also highly recommended listening. Enjoy!

(Note: This may be my only blog post today since most of my playlists aren’t loading…)

(Edit: I managed to spell the album title wrong. Sorry about that.)


2muchachos – Formanta

Hi there. This fine album by singer-songwriter Cheyenne Marie Mize was released in 2010 and finally added to Spotify (Europe) three days ago. Enjoy!

(US version here.)

Cheyenne Marie Mize

Cheyenne Marie Mize – Before Lately

Good evening. It looks like there has been a big Spotify update today and I’ve already found a bunch of interesting releases. First up is this wonderful 2010 album by Foxes In Fiction. Genre: experimental lo-fi ambient electronic noise/dream pop (or something like that). Read this review and enjoy!

Foxes In Fiction

Foxes In Fiction – Swung From The Branches

Hello. It’s time for another goodie from my backlog. This fine album by Dark Dark Dark (first released in North America last year, then released in Europe in 2011) was added to Spotify some months ago. Genre: folk-pop. Enjoy!

(US version here.)

Dark Dark Dark

Dark Dark Dark – Wild Go

Hello. This fine album by Wolf Parade was released in 2010 and added to Spotify a couple of days ago. Genre: indie rock. Read this review and enjoy!

(Version for France and the UK already available here.)

Wolf Parade

Wolf Parade – EXPO 86

Good evening. This interesting album by High Places was released in 2010 and finally added to Spotify today. Genre: experimental folktronica. Enjoy!

High Places

High Places – High Places vs. Mankind

Good morning. This intense, peculiar album by singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens was released in 2010 and finally added to Spotify yesterday. Recommended listening. Enjoy!

(Also note that the first batch from Sub Pop Records has arrived for users outside of France and the UK! Some random examples here, here and here.)

Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens – The Age of Adz

Howdy. This sweet album by The Living Sisters (Inara George, Becky Stark, Eleni Mandell) was released in 2010 and finally added to Spotify earlier today. Genre: folk. Enjoy!

The Living Sisters

The Living Sisters – Love To Live