Good morning. The latest album by Swedish experimental folk duo Wildbirds & Peacedrums, released in August of 2010, is a fairly recent addition to Spotify. Read this review and enjoy!

Wildbirds & Peacedrums

Wildbirds & Peacedrums – Rivers

Hey. This dynamic EP by electronic artist Laurel Halo was released in November of 2010 and recently added to Spotify. Enjoy!

(One review here.)

Laurel Halo

Laurel Halo – King Felix EP

Morning. The sweet folk-pop of Snowblink will make you smile. This album is another late 2010 release that slipped under my radar. I have no idea when it was added to Spotify. Enjoy!

(One review here.)


Snowblink – Long Live

Good evening. The Mynabirds is a band created by singer-songwriter Laura Burhenn in 2009. Roughly one year ago their excellent debut album was released and today it was added to Spotify. Genres: folk/pop/soul. Enjoy!

The Mynabirds

The Mynabirds – What We Lose In The Fire We Gain In The Flood

Howdy friends. The energetic debut album by Canadian indie rock band PS I Love You was first released in some markets in October of 2010. However, earlier this week it was released in Europe and also added to Spotify. Genre: indie rock. Enjoy!

(One review here and another one here.)

PS I Love You

PS I Love You – Meet Me at the Muster Station

Evening. This odd little album by Wonder Wheel was released in 2010. I have no idea when it was added to Spotify. Genre: intense lo-fi noise pop. Enjoy!

Wonder Wheel

Wonder Wheel – Succotash Xs

Hello again. The debut album by American folk band The Head And The Heart, first released in 2010, is now being re-released by Heavenly Recordings in Europe and Sub Pop Records in the US. It was naturally added to Spotify earlier today. Enjoy!

The Head and the Heart

The Head and the Heart – The Head and the Heart

Morning. Here are four albums from 2010 that I must have forgotten about at the time of their release. Usually I just try to save these releases for the slower Spotify periods, but not this time. Enjoy!

(No time for genres, sorry.)

(A post with four 2011 releases should be up shortly.)

Former GhostsGustaf LjunggrenSea Of BeesThe Notes

Former Ghosts – New Love.
Gustaf Ljunggren – Fractions and Pastures
Sea Of Bees – Songs For The Ravens
The Notes – Wishing Well

Disappears – Lux


Hey. Lux by Disappears used to be one of the best albums from 2010 that wasn’t available on Spotify. But not anymore. It was added earlier this week and if you haven’t already found it you should really give it a try. Recommended listening. Enjoy!

(Genre: rock.)


Disappears – Lux

Evening. The soundtrack to the movie Biutiful, composed by Gustavo Santaolalla, was added to Spotify in a very recent update. Enjoy!

(And please note that this release is incorrectly listed under Gustavo Santoalalla, but hopefully this will be fixed soon.)

Gustavo Santaolalla

Gustavo Santaolalla – Biutiful

Hi again. First released in December of 2010, this explosive debut album by Swedish metalcore band Yersinia is a very recent addition to Spotify. Enjoy!

(Some reviews in Swedish here.)


Yersinia – Efter oss syndafloden

Hey. Here you have another late 2010 addition to Spotify. The following Pitchfork quote should be enough to get a good idea of what this is all about: “Gatekeeper combine elements of mid-period Cabaret Voltaire (the eerie, unintelligible sampled moans and growls), the most sinister stalking-you-down-a-dark-alley strains of Detroit techno (think Suburban Knight more than Derrick May), and the on-the-cheap choral grandeur of every keyboard-owning “composer” ever tasked to rip off Vangelis’ score for Blade Runner.” Pretty good stuff. Enjoy!


Gatekeeper – Giza EP



Hey. I stumbled upon this lovely album by Russian pop singer-songwriter Chikiss a couple of days ago. I’m not sure when it was added to Spotify, but since it was released one year ago I assume it was sometime last year. This is my best find in a long time. Highly recommended listening. Enjoy!


Chikiss – Chikiss

Hey again. This fine album by Emil de Waal+ was released last summer. Genre: experimental/electronic/jazz. Enjoy!

Emil de Waal+

Emil de Waal+ – Elguitar & Saxofon

Hi again. This dynamic new album by Jeans Wilder, first released in December of 2010, was added to Spotify 24 hours ago. Genre: chillwave/tropical/electronic/dream pop. Recommended listening. Enjoy!

Jeans Wilder

Jeans Wilder – Nice Trash

Hi. The latest album by Finnish electronic/pop trio Uusi Fantasia is a recent addition to the Spotify library. It was first released in November of 2010. Enjoy!

(Note: I’m off to visit family for a couple of days and will be back on Saturday with more updates.)

Uusi Fantasia

Uusi Fantasia – Heimo

Howdy folks. Are you in the mood for some tropical folk? If yes, please check out this dynamite EP by Lord Huron. It was released some three months ago and added to Spotify in yesterdays update. Recommended listening. Enjoy!

(One review here.)

Lord Huron

Lord Huron – Mighty

Hello. While we are waiting for todays update, here is a good, raw garage rock album by Ty Segall. It was released last year and added to Spotify last month (unless I’m completely mistaken). Enjoy!

(One review here.)

Ty Segall

Ty Segall – Melted

Hi. This EP by British synthpop duo Labyrinth Ear was released in October of 2010 and finally added to Spotify today. Good stuff. Enjoy!

Labyrinth Ear

Labyrinth Ear – Oak

Hey there. Let’s start this Friday with a sweet jazz album from last year. Read one review here, another one here and enjoy Tassos Spiliotopoulos!

Tassos Spiliotopoulos

Tassos Spiliotopoulos – Archipelagos


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