Hey again. As I mentionted earlier, tomorrow I’ll be on the road. The next update should happen on Friday (if I get everything to work). Anyhow, here is the new album by Doe Paoro. Genre: electronic/soul. Read this review and enjoy!

(A final reminder about the new playlist, Spotinews 073, where new samples will be added.)

Doe Paoro

Doe Paoro – After

Hi. Sexwitch is a new collaboration between Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan and the rock band Toy. Genre: maybe electronic/pop/rock. Enjoy!


Sexwitch – Sexwitch

Hey. Another release week is here. Let’s get going with the new album by Chvrches. Genre: synthpop. Enjoy!

(There is a new playlist, Spotinews 073. I included the song I forgot to add yesterday.)

(The album is spread out over several releases depending on where you live. It should link up automatically though.)


Chvrches – Every Open Eye

Hey. I was going to write about a different electronic album, but it was missing in one country. Anyhow, here is the new album by Auscultation. Genre: ambient/electronic. Enjoy!


Auscultation – L’├ętreinte Imaginaire

Morning. I was positively surprised by this new album by Telekinesis. Genre: synth/power pop. Enjoy!


Telekinesis – Ad Infinitum

Morning. I forgot about the new album by Idjut Boys when it was added last month. Genre: electronic. Enjoy!

(US version here.)

Idjut Boys

Idjut Boys – Versions

Hey. The promising debut album by Petite Noir arrived some days back. Genre: electronic/pop. Enjoy!

Petite Noir

Petite Noir – La Vie Est Belle / Life is Beautiful

Empress Of – Me


Good morning. Let’s start the new release week with some electronic pop. Enjoy the debut album by Empress Of!

Empress Of

Empress Of – Me

Hey. Let’s go with some ambient/electronic. Here is the latest album by Lloyd Cole. Enjoy!

Lloyd Cole

Lloyd Cole – 1D (Electronics 2012-2014)

Hello. The new album by Helena Hauff is a very recent addition to Spotify. Genre: electronic. Enjoy!

Helena Hauff

Helena Hauff – Discreet Desires


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