Hello. The great new album by This Is Head was added to Spotify yesterday. Genre: electronic/rock. Recommended listening. Enjoy!

This Is Head

This Is Head – This Is Head

Hi. Jumping in with one more album from the summer. Genre: electronic/pop. Enjoy Technicolor Fabrics!

Technicolor Fabrics

Technicolor Fabrics – Bahía Santiago

Hello again. Are you in the mood for some electronic soul? If yes, please check out the impressive debut album by Silicon and enjoy!


Silicon – Personal Computer

Earthly – Days


Hey. Here’s another goodie from last month. Genre: experimental electronic. Enjoy Earthly!

(One review here.)


Earthly – Days

Hey again. From last month: the relaxing new album by Hunee. Genre: electronic. Enjoy!


Hunee – Hunch Music

Hey. This new EP by Skymningar was just added to Spotify. Genre: electronic. Enjoy!


Skymningar – Skymningar EP

Good morning. If you have followed the blog for some time you will know that I have a soft spot for a certain style of electronic soul. The new album by Night Beds certainly fits that style. Enjoy!

Night Beds

Night Beds – Ivywild

Good morning. Here’s some ambient/electronic for a rainy* day. Enjoy Heathered Pearls!

(*Works on a sunny day too, but today it is pouring down.)

Heathered Pearls

Heathered Pearls – Body Complex

Morning. The new album by Health is a recent addition to the Spotify library. Genre: electronic/noise rock. Enjoy!

(US version here.)


Health – Death Magic

Hi. The first update of the new release week is the latest album by Haiku Salut. Genre: ambient/electronic/folk. Enjoy!

Haiku Salut

Haiku Salut – Etch and Etch Deep


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