Evening. This is the fourth and final part with selections from American indie label K Records. Enjoy!

(Part 1, 2 and 3.)

(Genres: Electric Sunset = chillwave, Mahjongg = electronic/rock, Tender Forever = pop, The Blow = experimental electronic/pop and The Microphones = experimental lo-fi folk)

Electric SunsetMahjonggTender ForeverThe BlowThe Microphones

Electric Sunset – Electric Sunset
Mahjongg – The Long Shadow of the Paper Tiger
Tender Forever – No Snare
The Blow – The Concussive Caress, Or, Casey Caught Her Mom Singing Along With The Vacuum
The Microphones – The Glow Pt. 2

Howdy. Here you have part three (of four) with selections from indie label K Records. Enjoy!

(The genres: Beat Happening = indie rock, Karp = noise/punk rock, Little Wings = folk singer-songwriter, Some Velvet Sidewalk = rock and The Crabs = indie pop/rock)

Beat HappeningKarpLittle WingsSome Velvet SidewalkThe Crabs

Beat Happening – You Turn Me On
Karp – Self Titled LP
Little Wings – Light Green Leaves
Some Velvet Sidewalk – Whirlpool
The Crabs – What Were Flames Now Smolder

Hello again. Here is part two with selections from American indie label K Records. Recommended listening. Enjoy!

(The genres: Desolation Wilderness = psychedelic dream pop, Mecca Normal and Treepeople = indie rock, Mirah = singer-songwriter and The Pine Hill Haints = alt-country)

(The next two parts will be posted tomorrow.)

Desolation WildernessMecca NormalMirahThe Pine Hill HaintsTreepeople

Desolation Wilderness – New Universe
Mecca Normal – Dovetail
Mirah – Advisory Committee
The Pine Hill Haints – Ghost Dance
Treepeople – Guilt Regret Embarrassment

Hi there. This week a bunch of releases from legendary indie label K Records have been added to Spotify. I spent some hours of my precious time to pick 20 albums that I will present to you in four parts. This is part one and it’s all pop here. Highly recommended listening. Enjoy!

(Note: I had to leave out many excellent albums, but I hope the ones I actually do write about will make up for my deliberate omissions.)

GazeGlo-WormSaturday Looks Good to MeThe SoftiesTiger Trap

Gaze – Shake the Pounce
Glo-Worm – Glimmer
Saturday Looks Good to Me – Fill Up the Room
The Softies – It’s Love
Tiger Trap – Tiger Trap

Introducing InFiné


Hey. This new compilation, recently added to Spotify, is a good introduction to French electronic label InFiné. Enjoy!

(And as with Arandel, it’s strange that this album is not available in France.)

Introducing InFiné

Various Artists – Introducing InFiné

Kindercore x3


Howdy. Some releases from indie label Kindercore Records were added in this weeks first Spotify update. Here are my top three selections. Enjoy!

Dressy Bessyof MontrealThe Sixth Great Lake

Dressy Bessy – The California EP
of Montreal – Aldhils Arboretum
The Sixth Great Lake – Up the Country

More Mexican Summer


Hey there. A bunch of new 2010 albums from indie label Mexican Summer arrived with the latest Spotify update. Most of these are in the pop/rock domain. Enjoy!

(Also note how you can absolutely tell (almost) from the album covers what kind of music this is. Nice!)

Jacuzzi BoysNo JoyThe BittersThe Black RyderThe Mantles

Jacuzzi Boys – Bricks Or Coconuts (Single)
No Joy – No Joy (Single)
The Bitters – East General
The Black Ryder – Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
The Mantles – Pink Information (EP)

Mexican Summer


Hello again. I’ve picked four releases from small American label Mexican Summer. They were all recently added to Spotify. Enjoy!

(Genres: Golden Triangle = Garage rock, Real Estate = lo-fi surf pop/rock[?], Washed Out = Chillwave/Electronic and Weekend = Shoegaze.)

(If you enjoyed Pearl Harbor you will like these releases for sure!)

Golden TriangleReal EstateWashed OutWeekend

Golden Triangle – Golden Triangle (EP)
Real Estate – Reality (EP)
Washed Out – Life Of Leisure (EP)
Weekend – All American (Single)

Hey. Here is the third and final part with more selections form indie pop label Labrador Records. All these releases were added in this weeks first Spotify update. Enjoy!

(Note: These are not available in France and the UK.)

(Labrador Records 1 and 2.) (More Labrador: part 1 and 2)

Club 8Douglas HeartSambassadeurSuburban Kids With Biblical Names

Club 8 – Strangely Beautiful
Douglas Heart – Douglas Heart
Sambassadeur – Coastal Affairs (EP)
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names – #4 (EP)

Hi. This is part two with my latest selections from indie pop label Labrador Records. All these albums were added to Spotify earlier this week. Enjoy!

(And again, the latest Labrador batch is not available in France and the UK.)

EdsonLaurel MusicPelle CarlbergSouth AmbulanceWaltz For Debbie

Edson – Every Day, Every Second
Laurel Music – This Night And The Next
Pelle Carlberg – In A Nutshell
South Ambulance – South Ambulance
Waltz for Debbie – Gone And Out