Hello friends. After over 8 years of blogging about new Spotify releases, I have now reached that point where it is time to stop and say goodbye. The fact that I as of today can no longer look up new releases is one part of why I have made this decision. But most of all it’s been something that’s been growing inside of me over the last few years. While I’m still being passionate about music, Spotify and new releases, my passion is not as strong as it once was. I no longer spend as much time listening and, to be honest, just getting out a daily update has been a challenge lately. So, this is the end of the road. It’s been a pleasure to share the music I like with you. Thank you for all these years.

Since the launch in October last year, plenty of people have said that Spotify is just another service for mainstream music. Naturally those people have always been wrong, but sometimes it’s hard to pick examples of albums that are absolutely non-mainstream but also worthy of a listen or two. It’s always much easier to find the ultra crazy (and usually bad) records…

With some help from Amanda and CaveatCavebat I have picked six recently added albums by artists with little or no plays in last.fm. The most popular artist being The Kennedys with 21.000 plays, while the other five have a total of 1450 plays. I think this is part of what’s great with Spotify; to be able to discover truly rare music. Enjoy!

Adele ZaneEd AlkalayEileen Careyemmy mollNorman FranzThe Kennedys

Adele Zane – Each Time
Ed Alkalay – Turning Dorian Gray
Eileen Carey – That Town (Single)
emmy moll – all the monsters are small and soft and scared
Norman Franz – The Silhouette LP
The Kennedys – Stand

Just a quick note about the Playlist section of this blog. I need your contributions there! Have you managed to put together a particular theme or just a string of artists that you like? Feel free to be creative and share your playlists.

I have also added Spotinews 003. Included in this playlist are samples from all the latest Spotinews updates (just the Keith Jarrett album is excluded due to extreme track lengths.)

Now over to something I don’t like. One week ago I recommended Skebokvarnsv. 209 by Thåström and now the album is missing in Spotify. Maybe it was made available by mistake, but still it’s a bit embarrassing for me to recommend something that goes away a couple of days later. I’ll let you know when it comes back though.

I’m sad to report that two of the albums I have pushed in the blog now seems to have gone missing in Spotify (Sweden). I will list them below.

Now, do you want me to remove the links in the original posts or should they stay?

Alberto Iglesias – Todo Sobre Mi Madre (Allt om min mamma)
Emily Loizeau – Pays Sauvage

Edit: If you want to find out exactly what’s missing in your Spotify, make sure you empty the cache. This could easily be done by reinstalling the program or by going to the cache folder and delete manually.

Now the Spotify team have completed the removal of songs and this day should now be known as day zero. From now on things will only get better.

The number of available tracks in my Swedish premium version: 2.094.346. That’s 237.000 less than yesterday, but still not too shabby.

From now on when I refer to something as “new in Spotify” it doesn’t matter if it has been there before. From now on every added album is new. This should make things a bit easier.

I can’t help but feeling positive, especially with the new sound upgrade also available. Day zero is today and a great future lies ahead.

Igår släppte Spotify för första gången en excelfil med en lista över de låtar som ingick i den senaste uppdateringen av låtbiblioteket. Det första intrycket var självklart mycket positivt, men efterhand har det dykt upp några funderingar som jag tänkte delge er.

Det första som slog mig var att det tar lång tid att gå igenom en fil med 10.000 poster. För min del tog det säkert över en timme att gå igenom allt. Och då var det bara en snabbgenomgång. Detta innebär att det behövs filter (t.ex. den här bloggen) som gör något mer av alla uppdateringar.


Det andra som jag noterade var att det finns oerhört många artister som man aldrig har hört talas om. Detta är ytterligare ett argument för att ha filter, t.ex. användare som gör spellistor utifrån speciella teman, genrer eller skivbolag.

Den tredje insikten var att den första euforin snabbt riskerade att förbytas i besvikelse. Först glädje över att en artist fanns i listan, sedan “sorg” över att albumet inte var tillgängligt i Sverige. Någon föreslog att Spotify borde ha en lista för varje region och det vore inte fel.

Slutsatsen är att uppdateringslistan är ett efterlängtad initiativ av Spotify. Efter en del negativa besked blev det nödvändigt att kommunicera det positiva: uppdateringarna. Exakt hur dessa listor kommer att se ut och vilket format de kommer att publiceras i återstår att se, men det är ett stort steg i rätt riktning.