Hi again. I agree with the critics, the new album by singer-songwriter Paul Weller is one of the best of the year so far. Recommended listening. Enjoy!

Paul Weller

Paul Weller – A Kind Revolution

Good evening. The new album by Orchestra Baobab is just wonderful. Genre: jazz/rock. Recommended listening. Enjoy!

Orchestra Baobab

Orchestra Baobab – Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng

Hi again. I quickly fell in love with the retro-tinged debut album by pop singer-songwriter Molly Burch. Recommended listening. Enjoy!

Molly Burch

Molly Burch – Please Be Mine

Hi. The new album by Säkert! (aka Annika Norlin) is brilliant. Genre: indie pop. Recommended listening. Enjoy!


Säkert! – Däggdjur

Hey. And here is the third and final part of my top albums of 2016. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

(Playlist here.)

FreakwaterAngel OlsenBeverlyMitskiThe Rolling StonesWeyes BloodMargo PriceImarhanBlood OrangeHaley Bonar

10. Freakwater – Scheherazade
09. Angel Olsen – My Woman
08. Beverly – The Blue Swell
07. Mitski – Puberty 2
06. The Rolling Stones – Blue & Lonesome
05. Weyes Blood – Front Row Seat to Earth
04. Margo Price – Midwest Farmer’s Daughter
03. Imarhan – Imarhan
02. Blood Orange – Freetown Sound
01. Haley Bonar – Impossible Dream

Hi again. Today I will prepare all three posts at the same time and then post them. New 2017 updates should start to appear next week. Enjoy Part 2 of my Albums of 2016 list!

(Playlist link here.)

Andy ShaufSt. LenoxTeenCéUWoodsJulia JacklinThe Blessed IslesKadhja BonetAgnes ObelPaul Simon

20. Andy Shauf – The Party
19. St. Lenox – Ten Hymns From My American Gothic
18. Teen – Love Yes
17. CéU – Tropix
16. Woods – City Sun Eater in the River of Light
15. Julia Jacklin – Don’t Let The Kids Win
14. The Blessed Isles – Straining Hard Against the Strength of Night
13. Kadhja Bonet – The Visitor
12. Agnes Obel – Citizen of Glass
11. Paul Simon – Stranger to Stranger

Howdy. I finally managed to finish my listening yesterday and here we have my top 30 albums of 2016 divided into three posts. Enjoy!

(The playlist for this list: Spotinews Albums of 2016)

Puro InstinctBritta PhillipsHorsebackSteve MasonLeonard CohenMarielle V JakobsonsSkinny Girl DietRadiation CityDrive-By TruckersAges and Ages

30. Puro Instict – Autodrama
29. Britta Phillips – Luck or Magic
28. Horseback – Dead Ringers
27. Steve Mason – Meet the Humans
26. Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker
25. Marielle V Jakobsons – Star Core
24. Skinny Girl Diet – Heavy Flow
23. Radiation City – Synesthetica
22. Drive-By Truckers – American Band
21. Ages and Ages – Something to Ruin

Toy – Clear Shot


Hello friends. It’s time for a rare late night blog post at the Spotinews blog. Here is the excellent new album by Toy. Genre: rock (indie/psych/shoegaze). Enjoy!

(US version here)

(Recommended listening!)


Toy – Clear Shot

Morning. We begin the release week with the tremendous new album by veteran singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. Recommended listening. Enjoy!

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen – You Want It Darker

Hey again. The final update of this release week was a big surprise for me. Poet/rapper/spoken word artist Kate Tempest creates soundscapes that will make you melt. Recommended listening. Read some positive reviews and enjoy!

(Genre: I’ll put this as soul/pop even though that may be slightly inaccurate.)

(US version here)

Kate Tempest

Kate Tempest – Let Them Eat Chaos