Hey. The promising debut album by Creeper will likely make you smile at some point. Genre: punk rock. Enjoy!


Creeper – Eternity, In Your Arms

Hi. The strong new album by Spoon was added to Spotify yesterday. Genre: indie rock. Good stuff. Enjoy!


Spoon – Hot Thoughts

Hi. It’s a new release week again. First find: Real Estate. Genre: indie pop/rock. Enjoy!

Real Estate

Real Estate – In Mind

Hey again. The final update of the release week is the new album by The Shins. Genre: indie rock. Enjoy!

The Shins

The Shins – Heartworms

Good evening. Tonight I encourage you to check out the sharp new album by Hurray for the Riff Raff. Genre: folk/rock. Read some positive reviews and enjoy!

(US version here)

Hurray for the Riff Raff

Hurray for the Riff Raff – The Navigator

Hi. From three days ago: the dynamic debut album by Las Rosas. Genre: garage pop/rock. Enjoy!

(Spotinews 077)

Las Rosas

Las Rosas – Everyone Gets Exactly What They Want

Hello again. As promised here is a third Sunday update. Genre: folk/indie rock. Enjoy Ha Ha Tonka!

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Ha Ha Tonka

Ha Ha Tonka – Heart-Shaped Mountain

Temples – Volcano


Hi again. The final update of the release week is the catchy new album by Temples. Genre: psychedelic pop/rock. Enjoy!

(US version here)


Temples – Volcano

Evening. This new EP by Bleached is worth seeking out. Genre: indie rock. Enjoy!


Bleached – Can You Deal?

WHY? – Moh Lhean


Morning. A new album by WHY? arrived three days ago. Genre: pop/rock. Enjoy!


WHY? – Moh Lhean