Hi. From a fairly recent Spotify update comes the groovy new album by Sugar Candy Mountain. Genre: psychedelic pop/rock. Enjoy!

Sugar Candy Mountain

Sugar Candy Mountain – 666

Hey. Psychedelic rock, anyone? If yes, please check out the impressive new album by Heliotropes and enjoy!


Heliotropes – Over There That Way

Hey. First update of the release week is a charming father-daughter covers album. Genre: folk/rock. Enjoy Jack & Amanda Palmer!

Jack & Amanda Palmer

Jack & Amanda Palmer – You Got Me Singing

Morning. The latest album by Big Business – a very recent Spotify addition – was a positive surprise for me. Genre: stoner rock/sludge metal. Enjoy!

Big Business

Big Business – Command Your Weather

Hi. The strong new album by The Julie Ruin made me smile. Genre: punk/rock. Enjoy!

(And again embedding isn’t working. Strange.)

The Julie Ruin

The Julie Ruin – Hit Reset

Omni – Deluxe


Hello. The first update of the new release week is the dazzling debut album by Omni. Genre: pop/rock. Enjoy!


Omni – Deluxe

Terry – Terry HQ


Hi. The final update of this release week is the frisky debut album by Terry. Genre: indie rock. Enjoy!

(This album couldn’t be embedded, possibly because of a special character, but clicking on the album cover will get you to it.)


Terry – Terry HQ

Hey. From a recent Spotify update comes the new album by Sara Watkins. Genre: folk/rock. Enjoy!

(US version here.)

Sara Watkins

Sara Watkins – Young in All the Wrong Ways



Hi. Here’s the debut album by GØGGS, the new project by Ty Segall. Genre: garage punk/sludge rock. Enjoy!

(NOTE: Spotinews now goes into summer mode since I’m going away on vacation. This means fewer and more irregular updates. Next update will be on Wednesday if all works out fine.)



Hey again. The new Deerhoof album should please fans of experimental rock. Enjoy!

(Read some reviews here.)

(My version of this album should link up automatically to your version.)


Deerhoof – The Magic


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