Hey. From last week: the sweet new album by singer-songwriter Pieta Brown. Enjoy!

Pieta Brown

Pieta Brown – Postcards

Howdy folks. From a recent Spotify update: the new album by singer-songwriter Conor Oberst. Read this review and enjoy!

Conor Oberst

Conor Oberst – Salutations

Hello there. Jay Som is a project by singer-songwriter Melina Duterte. Her new album arrived some days back and I like it. Enjoy!

(US version here)

Jay Som

Jay Som – Everybody Works

Hey. Next up we have the new album by inventive singer-songwriter Valerie June. Enjoy!

(US version here)

Valerie June

Valerie June – The Order of Time

Hello friends. Check out the new album by singer-songwriter Cindy Lee Berryhill. It was added to Spotify yesterday. Enjoy!

(Note: Spotinews 077)

Cindy Lee Berryhill

Cindy Lee Berryhill – The Adventurist

Howdy. I love it when my top album of the week is by one of my favorite artists and also available worldwide. Singer-songwriter Laura Marling delivers another winner. Good stuff. Enjoy!

(New playlist: Spotinews 077)

Laura Marling

Laura Marling – Semper Femina

Morning. The inspired debut album by singer-songwriter Gabriella Cohen was released in Australia and New Zealand last year. Now it has been re-released worldwide. Enjoy!

Gabriella Cohen

Gabriella Cohen – Full Closure and No Details

Hey again. The new album by New Zealand singer-songwriter Nadia Reid is really good. Enjoy!

(Note: Next blog update will arrive on Sunday.)

(US version here)

Nadia Reid

Nadia Reid – Preservation

Hi there. The serene new album by singer-songwriter Peter Silberman is a fairly recent addition to Spotify. Enjoy!

(US version here)

Peter Silberman

Peter Silberman – Impermanence

Hey. I only have time for a quick update today. From three days ago comes the new album by singer-songwriter Sarah Bethe Nelson. Enjoy!

Sarah Bethe Nelson

Sarah Bethe Nelson – Oh, Evolution