Morning. Some debut albums have a little bit of extra swagger. This is one of them. Enjoy rock singer-songwriter Kyle Craft!

(Version for FR, GB and IE here.)

Kyle Craft

Kyle Craft – Dolls of Highland

Evening. Let’s end the release week with a very positive surprise. From last month, it’s the latest album by German singer-songwriter Masha Qrella. Enjoy!

Masha Qrella

Masha Qrella – Keys

Prism Tats – S/T


Hello. The self-titled debut album by rock singer-songwriter Prism Tats (aka Garett van der Spek) was added to Spotify six days ago. Enjoy!

(Note: One more update is coming your way tonight.)

Prism Tats

Prism Tats – S/T

Hello again. The well-received new album by singer-songwriter Sturgill Simpson was recently added to Spotify. Enjoy!

Sturgill Simpson

Sturgill Simpson – A Sailor’s Guide to Earth

Morning. I’m tired so I’ll be brief: here is the new album by singer-songwriter Kevin Morby. The title track is majestic. Enjoy!

Kevin Morby

Kevin Morby – Singing Saw

Hey again. The vital new album by rock singer-songwriter PJ Harvey is another fresh addition to the Spotify library. Read some positive reviews and enjoy!

(US version here.)

PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey – The Hope Six Demolition Project

Hi again. The final update of this release week is another singer-songwriter. Enjoy the stellar new Ben Watt album!

(US version here.)

Ben Watt

Ben Watt – Fever Dream

Hello. The new album by Swedish pop singer-songwriter Marit Bergman arrived six days ago. Enjoy!

Marit Bergman

Marit Bergman – Molnfabriken

Hello friends. The new album by singer-songwriter Dylan Mondegreen is a sweet listen for a lazy Sunday. Enjoy!

Dylan Mondegreen

Dylan Mondegreen – Every Little Step

Hello again. This experimental album by pop singer-songwriter Marco Benevento is a recent Spotify addition. Enjoy!

Marco Benevento

Marco Benevento – The Story of Fred Short


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