Hi. The new album by rock singer-songwriter Jesse Malin is a very recent addition to Spotify. Enjoy!

Jesse Malin

Jesse Malin – Outsiders

Good morning. Here is the new album by singer-songwriter John Grant. Enjoy!

John Grant

John Grant – Grey Tickles, Black Pressure

Hello again. The well-received new album by folk singer-songwriter Patty Griffin is a recent addition to the Spotify library. Enjoy!

(US version here.)

(And here is one more reminder about the new playlist, Spotinews 073.)

Patty Griffin

Patty Griffin – Servant of Love

Hey again. The new album by singer-songwriter Kurt Vile is, as always, a pleasure. Enjoy!

Kurt Vile

Kurt Vile – B’lieve I’m Goin’ Down

Hi again. The new album by experimental/pop singer-songwriter Julia Holter could be one of the top albums of the year when all is said and done*. Recommended listening. Read some positive reviews and enjoy!

(* I just need to give it a few more listens.)

(Don’t forget to check out Spotinews 073 where samples from all albums I write about will be added.)

Julia Holter

Julia Holter – Have You in My Wilderness

Hi. The new album by Australian singer-songwriter Robert Forster arrived three days ago. Enjoy!

Robert Forster

Robert Forster – Songs to Play

Hi again. The new album by pop singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey is not available everywhere. Enjoy!

(Version for AT, CH and DE here. US version here. These were unavailable for me yesterday.)

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey – Honeymoon

Hey again. The smooth debut album by Norwegian singer-songwriter Farao (aka Kari Jahnsen) is a fairly recent addition to the Spotify library. Enjoy!

(Note: This album is released on several different versions depending on where you live. The album I use should link up automatically to your version in Spotify.)


Farao – Till It’s All Forgotten

Hi there. The new album by singer-songwriter Ben Folds was added to Spotify six days ago. Enjoy!

(US version here.)

Ben Folds

Ben Folds – So There

Hey. The new album by singer-songwriter Richard Hawley arrived yesterday. Enjoy!

Richard Hawley

Richard Hawley – Hollow Meadows


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