Hello. The dynamic debut album by Pumarosa was recently added to Spotify. Genre: psych pop/rock. Enjoy!

(US version here)


Pumarosa – The Witch

Evening. From four days ago: the charming new album by singer-songwriter Deb Talan. Enjoy!

Deb Talan

Deb Talan – Lucky Girl

Hi. The quirky new album by Daniel Romano was recently added to Spotify. Genre: folk/pop. Enjoy!

(US version here)

Daniel Romano

Daniel Romano – Modern Pressure

Hey. I almost forgot about the new Wavves album. Genre: pop/rock. Enjoy!


Wavves – You’re Welcome

Hi. Just one update today: the new album by folk singer-songwriter Chastity Brown. Enjoy!

Chastity Brown

Chastity Brown – Silhouette of Sirens

She-Devils – S/T


Hello again. From yesterday comes the relaxed debut album by She-Devils. Genre: art pop. Enjoy!


She-Devils – S/T

Hey. I’m back. The first update of the new release week is the latest album by singer-songwriter Jane Weaver, a new discovery for me. Enjoy!

Jane Weaver

Jane Weaver – Modern Kosmology

Howdy folks. The final update of this release week is the cozy new album by Diagrams. Genre: folk/pop. Enjoy!

(Note: My next update will most likely arrive on Saturday.)


Diagrams – Dorothy

Overlake – Fall


Hi again. From a very recent Spotify update comes the new album by Overlake. Genre: dream pop/indie rock. Enjoy!

(US version here)


Overlake – Fall

Hey. Next up we have the new album by folk singer-songwriter Will Stratton. Enjoy!

Will Stratton

Will Stratton – Rosewood Almanac