A reader suggested that I should make playlists with samples from my updates and after some thinking I decided this was a great idea. I will put my playlists here and you can comment and share your playlists below.

10 latest playlists:

Spotinews 068 | Spotinews 069 | Spotinews 070 | Spotinews 071 | Spotinews 072
Spotinews 073 | Spotinews 074 | Spotinews 075 | Spotinews 076 | Spotinews 077

The old ones:

Pickadoll Special
Spotinews 001
Spotinews 002
Spotinews 003
Spotinews 004
Spotinews 005
Spotinews 006
Spotinews 007
Spotinews 008
Spotinews 009
Spotinews 010
Spotinews 011
Spotinews 012
Spotinews 013
Spotinews 014
Spotinews 015
Spotinews 016
Spotinews 017
Spotinews 018
Spotinews 019
Spotinews 020
Spotinews 021
Spotinews 022
Spotinews 023
Spotinews 024
Spotinews 025
Spotinews 026
Spotinews 027
Spotinews 028
Spotinews 029
Spotinews 030
Spotinews 031
Spotinews 032
Spotinews 033
Spotinews 034
Spotinews 035
Spotinews 036
Spotinews 037
Spotinews 038
Spotinews 039
Spotinews 040
Spotinews 041
Spotinews 042
Spotinews 043
Spotinews 044
Spotinews 045
Spotinews 046
Spotinews 047
Spotinews 048
Spotinews 049
Spotinews 050
Spotinews 051
Spotinews 052
Spotinews 053
Spotinews 054
Spotinews 055
Spotinews 056
Spotinews 057
Spotinews 058
Spotinews 059
Spotinews 060
Spotinews 061
Spotinews 062
Spotinews 063
Spotinews 064
Spotinews 065
Spotinews 066
Spotinews 067

35 Responses to “Playlists”

  1. smyg said

    Lots and lots of playlists with my personal favourites on Spotify here: http://smyg.wordpress.com/spellistor/

    Hope you enjoy them too!

  2. Ola said

    Tack för tre underbara blandband !

  3. Afront said

    Here’s a playlist, and it’s about time!




    I’ve called it “Clocking In” as each song could represent a time of day (1 o’clock – 12, with 12 o’clock being Yazoo’s “Midnight”).

  4. smyg said

    I agree, Afront, count me in!

    And here’s another piece of Mind Music, the fourth: http://smyg.wordpress.com/spellistor/


  5. amanda said

    Some of the songs might be restriced but this is a playlist to do with a girl who was on this British music reality show the x factor,she was a breath of fresh air but sadly she didn’t win.

    Anyway this is a playlist featuring mostly original versions of the songs she sang

  6. Afront said

    Not strictly a playlist, here’s something a little different:


    This is my my Spotify-powered CD collection: there’s a clickable photo of all my CDs – click a CD to open it in Spotify!

  7. Frunk said

    Swedish rock and popmusic:

    Rock n´roll in different shapes and forms:

    Rockmusic from this millenium:

    Punk from the 80:s:



  8. smyg said

    Another Mind Music playlist at Smyg’s place: http://smyg.wordpress.com.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  9. smyg said

    Time after time – Smyg gives you Mind Music VI at http://smyg.wordpress.com.

    And a promise: spring IS approaching.

  10. Frunk said

    If you like Little Stevens underground garage-compilations , here they are compiled into one playlist:

    File under: Rock n´roll.

  11. Afront said

    Enjoying Spotinews 012 joebuck, especially the Kleerup track. It has a nice 80s movie soundtrack feel to it, a bit like Vangelis or even this one:

  12. smyg said

    Three new playlists now present at Smyg’s place: http://smyg.wordpress.com.


  13. smyg said

    Once again: a new playlist at Smyg’s place. This time: “Inspiration #1”.

    Go to http://smyg.wordpress.com/spellistor/ … and enjoy!

  14. Daniel said

    My friend Ellie has started on the Pitchfork 500:

  15. andyberger said

    Nu så har jag lagt upp alla mina listor.
    Ha det så bra.

  16. Johan Lind said

    Could you please post the new playlists first on the page?

  17. Dan Herlin said

    åka tåg är trevligt. playlist: statens järnvägar

  18. Smyg said

    A lot more now at http://smyg.wordpress.com/spellistor/

    Keep on enjoying

  19. smyg said

    One new playlist almost every week. Now also the most essential tracks from J.J. Cale and Elvis Costello. Enjoy. At http://smyg.wordpress.com/spellistor/

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