Hello. This pop single was added to Spotify with the latest update. Note: this is a Swedish band singing in Swedish. Enjoy Djuret (The Animal)!


Djuret – Moment 22 (Single)

Hey. Another good find by CaveatCavebat. This release was included in yesterdays Spotify update. Enjoy Swedish neokraut/post rock band Audionom!


Audionom – Superior

Skambankt x3


Good evening. There has just been a micro Spotify update and – I really hope this is available in Norway – three releases with Norwegian hard rock band Skambankt were included. Enjoy!


Skambankt – Skambankt
Skambankt – Skamania
Skambankt – Eliksir

Hello. This new album (review with info here) is yet another recent addition to the Spotify library. To my ears this is acoustic country music, but here it goes into the folk category. Enjoy!

Bill Frisell

Bill Frisell – Disfarmer

Hey there. Sometimes you read a rave review over at Pitchfork and a moment later you search for that release in Spotify. Oh, it’s there! You listen to one track and then begin to write a post… Enjoy!

(Not sure when this was added to Spotify, but probably not too long ago.)


Delorean – Ayrton Senna (EP)

Howdy. Here you have another recent addition to the Spotify library. This is a new band with a somewhat familiar sound. Not bad at all. Enjoy!

(Thanks to CaveatCavebat for the find!)

The Generationals

The Generationals – Con Law

Three New Albums


Good evening. These albums are three very recent additions to the Spotify library. Thanks to CaveatCavebat for helping me out today. Enjoy!

(The Google Doc listing todays updates should be up on the official Spotify blog tomorrow.)

Jonsi & AlexMegafaunSon Volt

Jonsi & Alex – Riceboy Sleeps
Megafaun – Gather, Form & Fly
Son Volt – American Central Dust

Extra! In the midst of all the Spotify for iPhone madness, there has just been a micro Spotify update. First find: the new album by The Dodos! Enjoy.

The Dodos

The Dodos – Time To Die

Good evening. This album could be new in Sweden. I’m not sure. But I know for certain that it was restricted for Swedish users back in June. Anyway, enjoy Anti-Flag!


Anti-Flag – The People Or The Gun

More Soundtracks


Hi there. I think these three soundtracks were part of the latest Spotify update. Enjoy!

Catch Me If You CanO Brother, Where Art Thou?Out Of Sight

Various Artists – Catch Me If You Can
Various Artists – O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Various Artists – Out Of Sight