Hey again. The final update of the week is a collaboration between Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell. Genre: alt-country. Enjoy!

Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell

Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell – The Traveling Kind

Hi again. The exciting debut album by Banditos brings us alt-country, rock and alt-country rock. Good stuff. Enjoy!


Banditos – Banditos

Morning. From last week: the enjoyable new album by Peter Broderick. Genre: folk/pop. Enjoy!

(US version here.)

Peter Broderick

Peter Broderick – Colours of the Night

Evening friends. The latest album by Ivan & Alyosha is radio friendly folk-pop with a touch of indie rock. Enjoy!

Ivan & Alyosha

Ivan & Alyosha – It’s All Just Pretend

Hey again. The debut album by John Andrews & The Yawns is a brand new addition to Spotify. Genre: psychedelic folk/pop. Enjoy!

John Andrews & The Yawns

John Andrews & The Yawns – Bit by the Fang

Morning. The first update of the week is the new album by Villagers. Genre: folk. Enjoy!

(It should, as usual, be added for US listeners one day later.)


Villagers – Darling Arithmetic

Hey. Folk, anyone? If so, please check out the new album by Lord Huron and enjoy!

(US version here.)

Lord Huron

Lord Huron – Strange Trails

Gabi – Sympathy


Hello. The remarkable debut album by Gabi (singer/songwriter/composer Gabrielle Herbst) is a recent addition to the Spotify library. Genre: contemporary classical/folk. Enjoy!

(US version here.)


Gabi – Sympathy

Morning friends. The new album by alt-country singer-songerwriter Allison Moorer was just added to Spotify. Enjoy!

(Note: As usual it should be added for US listeners one day later.)

Allison Moorer

Allison Moorer – Down to Believing

Good morning. She may only be 15, but this album is pretty good. Genre: folk-pop. Enjoy Best Girl Athlete!

(US version here.)

Best Girl Athlete

Best Girl Athlete – Carve Every Word

Hello. Rhiannon Giddens is a terrific singer. This is her solo debut. Genre: folk/soul. Enjoy!

(Note: This album was missing in a few countries when I was going to write about it some weeks back.)

Rhiannon Giddens

Rhiannon Giddens – Tomorrow Is My Turn

Hey. One of the best albums of the week is the new one by Buxton. Genre: folk rock. Enjoy!


Buxton – Half a Native

Hello again. The new album by alt-country singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile is worth checking out. Enjoy!

(US version here.)

Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile – The Firewatcher’s Daughter

Good morning. I got everything to work fine at my location for the next week. Here is the new album by folk singer-songwriter Tom Brosseau. Enjoy!

(US version here.)

Tom Brosseau

Tom Brosseau – Perfect Abandon

Howdy. Another fresh addition to the Spotify library is the fine new album by alt-country singer-songwriter Lilly Hiatt. Enjoy!

Lilly Hiatt

Lilly Hiatt – Royal Blue

Hey. The new album by Swedish duo Siri Karlsson is a must listen for fans of experimental folk. Good stuff. Enjoy!

Siri Karlsson

Siri Karlsson – The Lost Colony

Hello again. This spirited debut album by folk singer-songwriter Marika Hackman was added for all Spotify users yesterday. Enjoy!

(Version for most users here.)

(Note: My next blog update will arrive on Sunday.)

Marika Hackman

Marika Hackman – We Slept at Last

Hi. Vestiges & Claws is one of the notable new albums of this week. Enjoy José González!

(Genre: folk singer-songwriter.)

(Note: The version for your country should link up even if the one I’m linking to is the wrong one.)

José González

José González – Vestiges & Claws

Hi. The new album by The Unthanks is a wonder. Genre: folk/pop. Enjoy!

The Unthanks

The Unthanks – Mount the Air

Hey. The new album by folk singer-songwriter Gretchen Peters was added for me today. Enjoy!

(US version here.)

Gretchen Peters

Gretchen Peters – Blackbirds


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