Hello. One of my favourite features in the new Spotify is the ability to search in playlists. However, I didn’t know about this until it was pointed out to me yesterday by Spotify customer services manager Carl-Axel. So how does it work?

It’s all very simple. If you are viewing your local files or a playlist, simply press Ctrl+f (or sometimes cmd+f). The Filter appears, you start writing something and your track is found ultra fast. Hopefully you will enjoy this feature as much as I do. Cheers!

Spotify Playlist Search
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Howdy people. This morning a great new version of Spotify saw the light and I think this is a game changer. Read all about it on the official Spotify blog.

If you encounter a bug, please head over to the Spotify support forum and let them help you.

This is a huge day for Spotify. Thank you guys for making these changes. Now back to my regular blog posts.

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The Spotties


The SpottiesHello. If you haven’t voted in the Spotties yet, it’s time for you to vote now. Participating in the vote will give you a chance to win one of three 3-month Spotify Premium subscription vouchers. Plenty of great sites were nominated and my little blog was fortunate to be nominated in two categories. The voting closes on March 31 so don’t hesitate: vote now!

(When the voting is over I will write a post about my favourite Spotify-related sites.)

Extra! Yes, finally. Spotify for both Android and iPhone is now available for premium user. It’s late and I haven’t got much more to add. Read all about it here.

Extra! There has been a small Spotify update. The first thing i noticed, however, was that 99 percent of all Bob Dylan tracks have been removed. Checking around the net it seems Dylan is gone from Last.fm, Deezer and we7 as well. This is bad news for all digital music. And also bad news for Dylan himself since I and many other Dylan fans now are going to get our Dylan fix from other sources… And no, I’m not planning on paying for all albums I’ve already bought once before.

Feel free to comment below.

January 30 2012 EDIT: He is back! Maybe 3 million subscribers had an impact?

Extra! I’ve just found out that this week Spotify will offer high quality streaming to premium users. From the support forum:

This is a new feature that we will be rolling out later this week. We will offer premium subscribers the option to stream in 320 kb/s using Ogg Vorbis q9 codec.

Will this help boost Spotify premium sales? I think so. The sound quality in Spotify is very good as it is, but who can say no to 320kb/s Ogg Vorbis?

Note: Not every song will be available as a higher quality stream immediately – initially the most popular tracks will be, while the rest of Spotify’s catalogue is converted over the coming weeks.

Extra! Breaking News! Spotify has just announced that they are opening up the program for third party developers. They write: “Libspotify and any applications built with it will be available to Spotify Premium users as of today.” Read more about it in the official blog.

Extra! BBC writes that Spotify has signed a deal with online music store 7digital, but Sweden will have to wait for a few weeks.

The buying option will go live first in the UK and Germany, France, Italy and Spain. Sweden, Norway and Finland will follow in a few weeks time.

So, what do you think about this move? Personally I can’t see how this can be bad in any way. It’s just another useful feature for those interested in buying songs for their mp3-players.

Edit: And finally the news is on the official Spotify blog and an updated client is ready.


Just a short news alert for Spotify users. In case you registered your Spotify account on or before December 19 last year, it is strongly recommended that you change your Spotify password. Also, if that password is used on other sites, please consider changing those as well. Read more about this issue at the official Spotify blog.

Edit: An updated security notice has been posted.

I wrote about this two days ago, even before it did happen, but today I’m happy to have the official Spotify blog as a source. One million Spotify users, for real this time.

This is of course great news for Spotify and for Spotify users. So far I haven’t noticed any problems with speed and reliability of the service. Things are going very well at the moment.

Congrats Spotify!