Hi. I almost forgot to write about the strong debut album by Hey Elbow. It was added to Spotify last week. Genre: rock. Enjoy!

Hey Elbow

Hey Elbow – Every Other

Hello. The wonderful debut album by Lightning in a Twilight Hour is a fresh addition to Spotify. Genre: pop. Enjoy!

Lightning in a Twilight Hour

Lightning in a Twilight Hour – Fragments of a Former Moon

Good morning. The impressive new album by Speedy Ortiz is the first update of the week. Genre: indie rock. Enjoy!

(One review here.)

(A US version should, as usual, be added one day later.)

Speedy Ortiz

Speedy Ortiz – Foil Deer

Hello again. It’s still early and the sun is shining. I think I’m going for a run soon. Anyhow, the final update of the week is the new album by pop singer-songwriter Kathryn Calder. Enjoy!

(US version here.)

Kathryn Calder

Kathryn Calder – Kathryn Calder

Morning. From last week: the debut album by rock singer-songwriter Truls Mörck. Enjoy!

(Note: Artist link above is in Swedish.)

Truls Mörck

Truls Mörck – Truls Mörck

Hello. It’s time for a mood change at the Spotinews blog. Here is the new album by Filip Augustson. Genre: jazz. Enjoy!

Filip Augustson

Filip Augustson – Viva Black

Hi. Some of you may remember that I wrote about them back in 2013. Now they are back with a new album. Enjoy Tal National!

(Genre: blues/rock.)

Tal National

Tal National – Zoy Zoy

Morning friends. This debut album by Stranger Cat is delightful pop with a touch of soul. Good stuff. Enjoy!

Stranger Cat

Stranger Cat – In the Wilderness

Hi. From a fairly recent Spotify update comes the new album by Swedish pop singer-songwriter Hanna Turi. Enjoy!

Hanna Turi

Hanna Turi – Tracks in the Water

Hi. I’m a bit busy today, but here is a quick update. Genre: electronic. Enjoy Pale Blue!

Pale Blue

Pale Blue – The Past We Leave Behind

Hi again. This debut album by Cristina Quesada is sweet (maybe too sweet?) pop that will make you smile. Enjoy!

Cristina Quesada

Cristina Quesada – You Are the One

Morning. The catchy debut album by Say Lou Lou was fairly recently added for all Spotify listeners. Genre: electronic/pop. Enjoy!

(Version for non-Scandinavian listeners here.)

Say Lou Lou

Say Lou Lou – Lucid Dreaming

Hey again. The debut album by John Andrews & The Yawns is a brand new addition to Spotify. Genre: psychedelic folk/pop. Enjoy!

John Andrews & The Yawns

John Andrews & The Yawns – Bit by the Fang

Hello. Here is the new album by Stealing Sheep. Genre: pop. Enjoy!

(US version here.)

Stealing Sheep

Stealing Sheep – Not Real

Morning. The first update of the week is the new album by Villagers. Genre: folk. Enjoy!

(It should, as usual, be added for US listeners one day later.)


Villagers – Darling Arithmetic

Evening. The final update of the week is the latest album by Robben Ford. Genre: blues rock. Enjoy!

Robben Ford

Robben Ford – Into the Sun

Hey. Folk, anyone? If so, please check out the new album by Lord Huron and enjoy!

(US version here.)

Lord Huron

Lord Huron – Strange Trails

Hello again. From a recent Spotify update: the new album by Colleen. Genre: ambient/electronic. Enjoy!


Colleen – Captain of None

Hi there. I really liked the new album by jazz singer Cassandra Wilson. Enjoy!

Cassandra Wilson

Cassandra Wilson – Coming Forth by Day

Hey again. It’s been a while since my last post about a metal release. So here we go: the dynamic new album by doom metal band Minsk is worth checking out. Enjoy!


Minsk – The Crash and the Draw


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