Hey. The final update of the month is the latest album by progressive black metal band Aenaon. Enjoy!


Aenaon – Hynosophy

Hi there. This unique new album by Bobby Previte arrived some days back. Genre: classical/experimental/metal.

Bobby Previte

Bobby Previte – Mass

Howdy folks. From last month: the explosive new album by Testament. Genre: thrash metal. Enjoy!

(Note: You should get to your version automatically by clicking my version.)


Testament – Brotherhood of the Snake

Hi. it’s been a while since my last metal update, but here we go again. Enjoy Anciients!

(Genre: progressive metal)

(US version here)


Anciients – Voice of the Void

Opeth – Sorceress


Hi again. Here is the new album by Opeth. Genre: progressive metal/rock. Enjoy!

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Opeth – Sorceress

Hey again. The well-received new album by Russian Circles is another recent addition to Spotify. Genre: post-rock/post-metal. Enjoy!

Russian Circles

Russian Circles – Guidance

Hey. Friday means a new release week and the first update is a heavy one. Genre: progressive death metal. Enjoy Witherscape!


Witherscape – The Northern Sanctuary

Morning. The latest album by Big Business – a very recent Spotify addition – was a positive surprise for me. Genre: stoner rock/sludge metal. Enjoy!

Big Business

Big Business – Command Your Weather

Gojira – Magma


Morning. It’s Thursday and that means a bunch of final updates for the release week. First, the latest album by French metal giants Gojira. Enjoy!


Gojira – Magma

Morning. Let’s begin this summer day with a stunner of an album from late last month. Genre: thrash metal. Enjoy Death Angel!

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Death Angel

Death Angel – The Evil Divide