December schedule


Hi again. Tomorrow I’m going away to visit some friends and unfortunately I won’t be able to update the blog while I’m gone. If everything works out well I should be back on Monday with new regular updates and some more 2012 Mega Project blog posts. This pattern will then continue until a few days before Christmas when I’m taking another break. I will try to get my “Top 30 (or 40?) Albums of the year”-list out before Christmas and then there should be some other lists at the very end of the month. See you next week!

(And I’m still hoping to find some more overlooked albums for my 2012 Mega Project. If you know of a good one that I haven’t written about already, just send it my way and I’ll give it a try!)

Hi again. The latest album by Juliana Barwick, released many months ago, was finally added to Spotify earlier today. Genre: experimental/ambient. Read some reviews and enjoy!

(Note: this is not quite my cup of tea, but I know she has many fans out there!)

Juliana Barwick

Good morning. People Like Us is the handle used by British sound collagist and DJ Vicki Bennett. Her new album, a recent addition to Spotify, is an experimental journey into the pop culture of the past. Good stuff. Do you want to hear Julie Andrews in a duet with Jim Morrison? This is your chance. Enjoy!

(One review here.)

People Like Us

People Like Us – Welcome Abroad

Good evening. It’s time for the biggest project ever on the Spotinews blog. The 2010 Mega Project will bring you 100 releases from 2010 divided into 20 posts. Each post will have a theme and a unique title. Furthermore, I will try to write a little something about each album, sometimes a detailed genre description, other times more than that.

So what’s this project really all about? Well, this is an opportunity for me to present the releases that I forgot to write about earlier this year. The releases that were lost in the hidden depths of an old playlist, the ones I didn’t like at first listen but enjoy now, the albums I thought I didn’t like and never listened to, the releases that some other Spotify blogs wrote about and last but not least all the ones I had no idea existed before November of 2010.

A lot of these releases will already be known to many of you, but hopefully some will be new as well. All 100 releases are, in my humble opinion, good enough to deserve a post of their own and many could easily have been recommendations. Amazingly a couple of the selected albums will also make it into my Top 50 albums of the Year (to be presented later in December).

I spent many weeks searching the web for releases from 2010 and listening to insane amounts of music in order to find the 100 albums for my project. Since 2010 has been such a great music year, it’s both scary and exciting to know that despite all my finds there will always be tons of new releases left to be discovered. And Spotify is possibly the best source in the world if you want to get a quick taste of a new album.

Finally I’d like to thank all my readers and particularly the generous people helping me out with finding new music. This project is dedicated to you and I hope you will enjoy it.

2010 Mega Project Playlist (I will add one song from each release that I write about.)
01. The Voices

Howdy. From todays Spotify update: a new release by Sun Araw. It consists of three newly recorded tracks and two old ones. Genre: experimental/psychedelic/drone (I put it as Uncategorized.). Enjoy!

(Note: I’ll be busy for the rest of the day, but I should be able to update the blog later tonight.)

Sun Araw

Sun Araw – Off Duty + Boat Trip

Hello. This great album, a recent addition to Spotify, was recommended to me by none other than CaveatCavebat. And now I recommend it to you. This is dreamy music. A little-bit of dream-pop, ambient, post-rock and electronica. Hard to narrow it down to just one genre and thus it goes into “uncategorized” here. Enjoy!

(I will be busy tonight so most likely the next Spotinews update will happen tomorrow morning.)

All India Radio

All India Radio – Echo Other

Hello. Just a quick note: this brand new audio book should now be available in Spotify outside of the UK. Enjoy!

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson – Free: The Future of a Radical Price

Hello. There hasn’t been that many posts here at Spotinews during the last couple of days. One reason is the lack of Spotify updates this week (except the big Monday update). Another reason is that I’ve been busy working with a grand new CD Baby series.

From this weeks first Spotify update I have picked lots of great albums in various genres to be presented in seven posts. Each post will present one or two genres. This will make it a bit more accessible compared to my earlier CD Baby selections.

Now I understand how hard it can be to select music. I’ve listenend to thousands of tracks. Most of them were not that good. Many were good and a few were very good. I hope you will enjoy this series. The first part will be up in a couple of hours. Stay tuned.

Evening. Another good album from this weeks first Spotify update. Genre here: third wave ska. Enjoy!


Hepcat – Right On Time

Hey. It’s time for a change of pace with legendary stand-up comedian Lenny Bruce. This record was part of yesterdays Spotify update. Enjoy!

Lenny Bruce

Lenny Bruce – The Lenny Bruce Originals, Volume 1