Howdy. There has been a small Spotify update today, but this release was added some days ago. The genre here is jazz mixed with some folk, pop and rock. Pretty cool stuff. Enjoy Yosei!

(PS. I’m saving some brand new finds for the weekend. Just want to give them a listen first.)


Yosei – The Wind-Up Waltz

Le Mans x3


Hello there. From a recent Spotify update: three albums by Spanish indie pop band Le Mans. Their style may be too quiet for some of you, but I think it’s cool enough. Enjoy!

Le MansEntresemanaSaudate

Le Mans – Le Mans
Le Mans – Entresamana
Le Mans – Saudate

Green Sky Accident


Hello again. This album by Norwegian folk/pop/rock duo Green Sky Accident was originally released in 2009 and added to Spotify earlier this week. Enjoy!

Green Sky Accident

Green Sky Accident – Drops Of Color

Hi. Here is a a new Swedish punk rock album for my Scandinavian readers (restricted elsewhere). It was added in yesterdays Spotify update. Read som reviews here and enjoy Nobelkommittén!


Nobelkommittén – Innan livet exploderar

Howdy. Here are four more recent additions to the Spotify library. One of these was actually sent to my profile in Spotify! The genres: Emit Bloch = singer-songwriter, Lucknow Pact = pop, Power Animal = alternative/psychadelic pop and Xavier Rudd = roots/singer-songwriter. Enjoy!

Emit BlochLucknow PactPower AnimalXavier Rudd

Emit Bloch – Dictaphones Vol. 1
Lucknow Pact – Open Your Arms
Power Animal – People Songs
Xavier Rudd – Koonyum Sun

Hello. Here are four new electronic releases, all very recently added to Spotify. Thanks to all the people helping me out. Enjoy!

(Also remember that if you have the latest version of Spotify you can add me if you like.)

65daysofstaticKyteTeam GhostThe Golden Filter

65daysofstatic – We Were Exploding Anyway
Kyte – Dead Waves
Team Ghost – You Never Did Anything Wrong To Me (EP)
The Golden Filter – Voluspa

Ulaan Khol – III


Evening. I like the sound of this album. Some tracks remind me of the Neil Young soundtrack to Dead Man. This is instrumental rock at its very best. Enjoy Ulaan Khol!

(III was recently added to Spotify and here is a link to a review.)

Ulaan Khol

Ulaan Khol – III

Hey. It’s been a very exciting Spotify day so far. Here is another good new album by soul legend Solomon Burke. Enjoy!

Solomon Burke

Solomon Burke – Nothing’s Impossible

Kongh x2


Hello again. Swedish doom/sludge metal band Kongh is now available in Spotify (reviews in Swedish here and here). Thanks to Henrik for the tip. Enjoy!

Counting HeartbeatsShadows Of The Shapeless

Kongh – Counting Heartbeats
Kongh – Shadows Of The Shapeless

Howdy people. This morning a great new version of Spotify saw the light and I think this is a game changer. Read all about it on the official Spotify blog.

If you encounter a bug, please head over to the Spotify support forum and let them help you.

This is a huge day for Spotify. Thank you guys for making these changes. Now back to my regular blog posts.

Edit: If someone wants to see my profile: check this out.