Good evening. It’s time for the biggest project ever on the Spotinews blog. The 2010 Mega Project will bring you 100 releases from 2010 divided into 20 posts. Each post will have a theme and a unique title. Furthermore, I will try to write a little something about each album, sometimes a detailed genre description, other times more than that.

So what’s this project really all about? Well, this is an opportunity for me to present the releases that I forgot to write about earlier this year. The releases that were lost in the hidden depths of an old playlist, the ones I didn’t like at first listen but enjoy now, the albums I thought I didn’t like and never listened to, the releases that some other Spotify blogs wrote about and last but not least all the ones I had no idea existed before November of 2010.

A lot of these releases will already be known to many of you, but hopefully some will be new as well. All 100 releases are, in my humble opinion, good enough to deserve a post of their own and many could easily have been recommendations. Amazingly a couple of the selected albums will also make it into my Top 50 albums of the Year (to be presented later in December).

I spent many weeks searching the web for releases from 2010 and listening to insane amounts of music in order to find the 100 albums for my project. Since 2010 has been such a great music year, it’s both scary and exciting to know that despite all my finds there will always be tons of new releases left to be discovered. And Spotify is possibly the best source in the world if you want to get a quick taste of a new album.

Finally I’d like to thank all my readers and particularly the generous people helping me out with finding new music. This project is dedicated to you and I hope you will enjoy it.

2010 Mega Project Playlist (I will add one song from each release that I write about.)
01. The Voices

Hello again. This mighty fine new album by folk singer-songwriter Strand of Oaks is a very recent addition to the Spotify library. Enjoy!

Strand of Oaks

Strand of Oaks – Pope Killdragon

Mighty Clouds


Howdy folks. It’s a very cold day in Sweden – and other parts of Europe – today. Hopefully this new album by Mighty Clouds (Fred Thomas and Betty Marie Barnes) will make us all a little bit warmer. It was added to Spotify today. Genre: pop. Enjoy!

Mighty Clouds

Mighty Clouds – Mighty Clouds

Hello again. The dynamic debut album by UK band Laboratory Noise was released five months ago. I have no idea when it was added to Spotify though. Genre: post-rock/shoegaze. Enjoy!

Laboratory Noise

Laboratory Noise – When Sound Generates Light

Hey. I’m back again. Here is the new album by jazz guitarist Kevin Eubanks (yes, he is the guy who was on Leno for 18 years). It was added to Spotify last week. Enjoy!

Kevin Eubanks

Kevin Eubanks – Zen Food

Hey. The new album by thrash metal band Sodom was recently added to the Spotify library. Enjoy!

(Note: I’m soon off to visit family over the weekend. I will be back on Monday with more updates.)


Sodom – In War And Pieces

Howdy. The new Regina Spektor live album was also included in yesterdays Spotify update. I usually try to avoid posting albums featured on the What’s New page, but since she is one of my favourites I will make an exception. Enjoy!

(That’s one big ugly warning on the album cover…)

Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor – Live In London

Hi again. Here are two new folk albums by two lesser known bands. Both were added to Spotify in yesterdays update. Enjoy The Vatican Cellars and White Pines!

The Vatican CellarsWhite Pines

The Vatican Cellars – The Same Crooked Worm
White Pines – The Falls

Good morning friends. From yesterdays Spotify update comes the latest album by experimental alternative psych-folk artist Forest Swords. Some of you may remember my post about the Rattling Cage single four months ago. Now read this review and enjoy!

(Edit: Changed the link to a different version. The original version was removed.)

Forest Swords

Forest Swords – Dagger Paths

Chad Valley EP


Hi again. The new self-titled EP by Chad Valley (aka Hugo Manuel) was added to the Spotify library some hours ago. Genre: chillwave/electronic. Good stuff. Enjoy!

(Note: This is my last post today. I promise. However, I still have many more finds to present for you tomorrow.)

Chad Valley

Chad Valley – Chad Valley EP